March 16, 2018
Why Nicole Carroll Does the Open

Throughout the Open season, CrossFit Director of Training and Certification Nicole Carroll offers the community tips and mental cues for approaching Open workouts. After shooting the tips and workout demonstration for 18.4, Carroll reflects on why she chooses to do the Open each year.

"Surprise questions are not my favorite. I will often joke and deflect my way through them but eventually I answered this one and the clips express well what doing the Open means to me," Carroll writes.

"Beyond this, I also just freakin love what the Open does for the CrossFit community. The commonality of purpose, of effort, and of support makes for something incredibly special," she continues. "Thanks to all who participate. And congratulations to everyone who met their goals for this year and to those who surprised themselves with what they were capable of #magicoftheopen."

All of Carroll's tips can be found at in the Games category.