January 23, 2023
Tyler Christophel — Learning from Disappointment

“There are so many positives to (CrossFit). … Maybe I’m not the best example of an everyday CrossFit goer, but my mom goes and I think that’s just so cool. My mother does CrossFit. … Just go. Just start.” 

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On today’s episode of “More Than Fitness,” three-time CrossFit Games athlete Tyler Christophel joins host Adrian Conway to talk about his CrossFit beginnings, training at CrossFit Mayhem, and balancing life as an athlete and partner with his new fiancée, four-time Games athlete Baylee Rayl. 

Christophel’s first CrossFit Games appearance was in 2017 on team CrossFit 417. He competed with the team once more in 2018 and made his individual Games debut in 2020. Christophel describes his growth as an athlete over the years, and how his experiences shaped his training and his decision to try his hand at individual competition. 

Christophel also opens up about working with Rich Froning at CrossFit Mayhem, learning from less-than-ideal performances, and dialing back intensity in his training.

To close out the show, Christophel shares his most memorable Open workout, his favorite workout tunes, and the impact he hopes to have on the CrossFit community. 

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