January 16, 2023
Preparing for the Open & 2023 Season Equipment Breakdown

“(Adrian Bozman) is probably about to dose us up with what we’re missing or what he thinks we’re missing.” — Adrian Conway

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Former CrossFit Games athlete and coach Adrian Conway joins host Chase Ingraham on the podcast this week to review the newly released equipment list for the online stages of the 2023 season and talk about how to prepare for the upcoming CrossFit Open. 

“The equipment list for not just the Open — that’s the thing. The equipment list just got unveiled from CrossFit, and it said ‘All Online Competition’ equipment list.” — Chase Ingraham

The launch of early registration for the Open and the recent unveiling of the equipment list for the online stages of competition provide affiliate owners, athletes, and coaches an opportunity to get ready for the upcoming season. 

In this episode, Conway offers ways athletes can begin prepping for the Open, noting that consistency is a great place to start. Conway and Ingraham also break down the equipment list in full detail and let their imaginations run wild, sharing their ideas for new “outside-of-the-box” movements that the community might see this season.

Are you ready to party? Sign up for the CrossFit Open today at games.crossfit.com.

Learn more about the non-specific/non-exhaustive equipment list for the 2023 season here.

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