March 3, 2020
TeamRichey - Norwegian CrossFit Championship Day 2 Recap

TeamRichey recaps the action of Day 2 at the Norwegian CrossFit Championship, highlighting key moments of the competition. Richey and Phil Hesketh, programmer for the event, complete the last individual event, a version of Fran that includes thrusters of ascending weight and pull-ups increasing in difficulty.

During the competition, Richey catches up with several athletes, including Joshua Wichtrup of The Progrm, Hayley Murillo, Anders Gronsund, Josh Woodhull, and Will Kane, to get their take on the events of the day. For the teams, the day ended with 100 Worm squats immediately following a 1-rep-max clean, where Team Finland hit a 170-kg clean, creating one of Richey’s favorite moments of the competition. Tune in to see which athletes are currently in the running to qualify for a spot at the 2020 Reebok CrossFit Games.