March 20, 2023
Jennifer Hunter-Marshall — Setting Herself Apart

“How can you distinguish yourself? Because once you do, no one can take that away from you. What you’ve earned, you’ve earned.” 

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CrossFit Seminar Flowmaster and CF-L4 Jennifer Hunter-Marshall joins today’s episode of More Than Fitness to tell her life’s story, opening an affiliate and joining the CrossFit Seminar Staff, being a life-long learner, and leading by example.

In addition to holding the highest coaching certification in CrossFit, Hunter-Marshall is a mother of two, a wife, a former bodybuilder, an artist, a CrossFit Games competitor, and co-owner of CrossFit Garden City

Her parents’ upbringing and her own personal experiences shaped her to be dedicated, resilient, and committed, distinguishing herself and working hard. After starting CrossFit, Hunter-Marshall became an affiliate owner with her husband and joined CrossFit Seminar Staff. She has since been devoted to creating a welcoming space for anyone interested in CrossFit.


In this episode, Hunter-Marshall shares stories from her parents’ life that impacted and shaped her own. She opens up about her personal health and fitness journey, mentoring future CrossFit trainers, and learning from positive and negative experiences. 

She also gives advice on dealing with judgmental comments on and offline, becoming a new or aspiring affiliate owner, and making your own mark in the world. 


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