July 5, 2023
Jake Douglas — Consistently Showing Up in Life and CrossFit

“I’m not the guy who (came) in and bust the door down overnight, but I’m the guy that kept showing up.”

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Affiliate owner, father, and first-time CrossFit Games qualifier Jake Douglas joins the More Than Fitness podcast to chat about his Semifinals performance, fatherhood, and the challenges of being a business owner. 


Douglas was introduced to CrossFit by his high-school physical education teacher who encouraged him to train together. Douglas eventually began training alone but was joined by some friends who ultimately out-grew the garage. Some years later, Douglas — who was a full-time plumber at the time and loved the sport — decided to lease the space next to his job and opened up Snake CrossFit.

In addition to being an affiliate owner, the Australian native is a dad, a multi-year competitive CrossFit athlete, and recently punched his first ticket to the CrossFit Games after placing third overall at the 2023 Oceania Semifinal. 


In today’s episode, Douglas reflects on his Semifinal experience and the moment he knew he was headed to Madison. He also touches on the balancing act of being an affiliate owner and a competitive athlete, and details how relinquishing control of parts of his business helped him focus on his athletic pursuits. 

Douglas also opens up about his relationship with his daughter and being a role model for her through his actions, not his words. 

Also in today’s show — one of host Adrian Conway’s favorites — find out Douglas’ opinions about the Semifinals tests, which Open workout he did four times, how he’s grown with HWPO, and why he continues to show up and be resilient in life and in CrossFit. 


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