November 9, 2022
Introducing the Worldwide Ranking System & Strength of Field

“What we are ready to talk about is how many minimum qualifiers we’re looking at out of Semifinals, how many leftover spots there are gonna be, and broadly, how we’re gonna divide those up worldwide.” — Adrian Bozman

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In this episode, Director of Sport Adrian Bozman and Senior Manager of the Competition Team Dave Eubanks chat with host Chase Ingraham about Games-qualifying spots for the 2023 season and the new worldwide ranking system. 

Recent details about the upcoming CrossFit Games season discussed the removal of the Last-Chance Qualifier competition, changes to the amount of Semifinal competitions in North America and Europe, and the guaranteed minimum number of designated Games-qualifying spots for each Semifinal. 

Bozman and Eubanks review the Games-qualifying spots for each Semifinal and also describe the new worldwide ranking system — a model that uses data from the previous two years of CrossFit stages of competition to rank athletes — that will determine how many additional Games spots will be allocated from Semifinals. 

The pair dig into the intention and process behind creating the ranking system and the basic framework for determining the strength of field and share what they’re most excited to see this season as a result of the new model. 

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