February 16, 2022
Intensive Care Nurse Finds Her Escape Through CrossFit

“Work has been really stressful over the past couple of years, and working out is a nice escape from that. The Open just gave me … something to work towards.”

Intensive care nurse Channon McPhie was diagnosed with PTSD last year after witnessing the extreme and fatal effects of the pandemic on her patients.

Through CrossFit and training one-on-one with her coach, McPhie has been able to find relief from her intense, stressful, and demanding work environment.

This year, McPhie is all in for the Open and says she’s looking forward to it.

“I’ll do (the Open) in a way that works for me,” McPhie says. “I’m looking forward to seeing how it compares to COVID Open last year, and I’m looking forward to … comparing from where I am now … to where I am next year.”

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