July 10, 2015
'Friday Night We're Bringing It Back'
Two more events have been released. 

Snatch Speed Ladder

The Clean Speed Ladder was one of the most exciting events at last year’s Games. Athletes raced through five barbells—organized from lightest to heaviest—in a race for the finish mat. The top athletes advanced from the quarter-final to the semifinal, and then the final. Each round had heavier loadings.  

The same design will return, but the clean will be replaced with the snatch.

This event will be held in the Tennis Stadium Friday night. Friday Tennis Stadium tickets are still available for US$75 on AXS.com. 

Sprint Course

Think of the Sprint Course as a mash-up of the ZigZag Sprint and O-Course.

A heat of athletes will sprint from one side of the field, around and over obstacles, in a race to the other side. This will be one scored event.

After a brief rest, the same heat of athletes will sprint back for a second scored event.  

The Sprint Course will be held in the Soccer Stadium Saturday. Anyone with a General Admission wristband or Saturday Tennis Stadium ticket can attend.