March 31, 2023
Day 2 Team Quarterfinal Recap & Age-Group Tests Revealed

CrossFit Games Podcast host Chase Ingraham sits down with three-time CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup champion Adrian Conway to recap all of the action from the 2023 CrossFit Games Team Quarterfinal and to preview the tests for the Age-Group Quarterfinals

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Join the crew as they review the Team Quarterfinal tests, analyze the leaderboard at the close of competition, including top performances, and share their thoughts on the teams advancing to Semifinals. 

Ingraham and Conway also break down the Age-Group Quarterfinal and share their perspectives on the tests that were revealed today.


Top Quarterfinal teams from each region will be invited to compete in-person at their respective Semifinal competitions. 

Here’s the breakdown:
→ North America East — Top 40 teams 
→ North America West — Top 40 teams 
→ Europe — Top 40 teams
→ Oceania — Top 20 teams
→ Asia — Top 20 teams
→ South America — Top 20 teams
→ Africa — Top 20 teams

*All scores will remain under review until Monday, April 10.



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