May 2, 2014
CrossFit Games Update: May 2, 2014


Pay close attention to details and scoring for each of the 8 team events.
  1. All six teammates are involved in every event.
  2. The schedule is compressed. All of the day’s events will happen in close succession in the morning.
  3. Muscle-ups and strict handstand push-ups are required, but teams with teammates who are weak in those movements will not DNF. Read the scoring section for Team Event 1 and Team Event 6.
  4. Unlike in past years, not all of the team events are modeled after the individual events. (See Team Events 1 and 7, and changes in 4 and 5, 6, and 8)
  5. On the one-rep-max hang squat snatch, each teammate gets just two attempts.
  6. The hang squat snatch must be done from the hang (no going below the knees), and must be caught below parallel (no catching in the power position and overhead squatting the weight). Team Event 2
  7. On the max distance handstand walk, 120-feet is the maximum score for each teammate, and 720 is a perfect team total. Team competitors cannot reach the end of the competition floor and turn around. Team Event 3
  8. The thruster and rope climb event on Saturday morning is split into two scored events. The women will complete the couplet at 95 lb. for Team Event 4, and immediately after the 10-minute time cap is up, the men will start the couplet at 135 lb. for Team Event 5.
  9. Team competitors get to use their legs on the rope climbs. Team Event 4 and 5
  10. The triplet of strict handstand push-ups, hang power cleans and burpees is reminiscent of Individual Event 4, but notice the rep scheme is changed and hang power cleans have replaced front squats. Team Event 6
  11. Sunday morning will start with an event that puts teamwork to the test. Team Event 7
  12. It all ends with pull-ups and overhead squats. The number of reps (7 squared / 7 vs. 8 squared / 8)  and the amount of weight (185 / 115 vs. 205 / 135) are reduced for the teams. Team Event 8