June 5, 2012
Covering the Sport of Fitness: Mike Warkentin

Managing Editor of the CrossFit Journal, Mike Warkentin, talks about covering the Sport of Fitness. Over the last three years, Warkentin has seen the sport grow tremendously. 

In this video, Warkentin talks about the sport and its effects. As an editor, reporter and affiliate owner, he has been able to see how Angie Pye's 150-pound snatch can help inspire a woman in his box to lift 100 pounds. 

"[Regionals] show people what's possible at the best levels of the sport, and then when they go back to their box they're inspired to train," Warkentin says. "People like Angie Pye ... inspire people to be better at their own boxes. That makes the sport better ... and it makes people fitter. That was Greg Glassman's goal; not to just make great athletes, but to make a fitter population across the board."