January 12, 2023
Co-Founder Guido Trinidad Talks Wodapalooza

“What we really aspire people to leave with regardless if they’re showing up as a spectator or as a competitor is (to) really embrace the community. … Take the focus off of yourself a little bit, regardless of what stake you play, and invest in other people and watch other people compete. … Everybody can inspire you.”

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Wodapalooza (WZA), co-founded by Peak 360 CrossFit owner Guido Trinidad, began as a one-day fitness competition in Miami in 2012. Since then, the competition has evolved into a four-day fitness festival, uniting the local Florida community and athletes from around the world in a celebration of fitness, community, and life. 

Trinidad joins host Chase Ingraham to dive into the competition’s 11th season, running Jan. 12 through Jan. 15. 

In this episode, Trinidad reflects on the evolution of the event, its impact on the CrossFit community, and how it remains true to the ethos of the competition. 

He also shares the importance of providing an excellent experience for everyone participating in the event — not just athletes — and hopes the competition will continue providing “an experience unlike anything else” to the community. 

New this year due to the design of the schedule, individual athletes will also be able to compete in the team division. Trinidad gives his insight on the team competition and how he approaches programming to provide athletes with a mental and physical challenge that is safe, fun, and exciting. 

Find out more about the event’s sponsor TYR, why Wodapalooza is such a well-known and special competition, and what Trinidad is most looking forward to this year. 

Can’t experience Wodapalooza in person? Watch the live stream on YouTube and/or the CrossFit Games website to be part of the action.


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