June 14, 2021
Brazil CrossFit Championship — Individual Event 3 Highlights

Day 2 of the 2021 Brazil CrossFit Championship continues with Individual Event 3. Learn which athletes are in the lead heading into the second day of competition and how the standings shift after the third event.

Gui Malheiros🇧🇷, Nicolas Bidarte🇦🇷, Omar Martinez🇻🇪, Kaique Cerveny🇧🇷, Ivan Verdun🇦🇷 and Agustin Richelme🇦🇷 go one-on-one in a descending rep scheme of muscle-ups, dumbbell front-rack lunges, and double-unders.

Then, Lari Cunha🇧🇷, Sasha Nievas🇦🇷, Victoria Campos🇧🇷, Alexia Williams🇦🇷, Amanda Fusuma🇧🇷 and Mel Rodriguez🇦🇷 go toe-to-toe.

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