May 17, 2023
Alex Gazan — Staying True to Who You Are

“Unpopular opinion, but I like (the 2023 season programming). I like the twists and the turns. … I like when we get thrown new things.”

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Alex Gazan, currently ranked 29th in the world, joins host Adrian Conway on the podcast to talk about joining Underdog Athletics, finding balance as a competitive athlete, and her experience at her CrossFit Games debut. 

Gazan started CrossFit in 2017 at the encouragement of her high-school physical education teacher, who saw her potential. She signed up for her first Open in the Girls 16-17 division in 2018, and by 2022, she had qualified for her first CrossFit Games after finishing fourth at the Granite Games. Gazan placed 24th in her Games debut.


In today’s episode, the three-time Semifinalist shares her CrossFit beginning and how she came to work with Justin Cotler of Underdogs Athletics. Gazan opens up about the lessons she’s learned about herself as an athlete and the sacrifices competitive athletes make, especially during the peak of the season. 

Gazan, who has always had a competitive spirit, describes her experience competing at the 2022 Granite Games and the Games, and touches on the differences in atmosphere between in-person and online competition. 

Tune in to hear how Gazan feels about the programming this season, her favorite pastimes, and navigating the demands of the CrossFit season as a wife, athlete, and coach. 


In the 2023 season, Gazan placed fifth worldwide in the Open and second on the North America West leaderboard in the Individual Quarterfinal. Watch Gazan compete at the North America West Semifinal May 27-29. 


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