May 24, 2023
Adam Neiffer — Happy, Hungry, Awesome

“Justin is just a very unique individual. Early on, I think it was hard to put your finger on … what’s possible for this guy, but I am really, really, really excited to find out. We’ve had the opportunity to coach a lot of athletes over the years in our affiliates, and the rate at which Justin could learn and implement things and improve is just something I have never seen before.”

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Owner of CrossFit Fort Vancouver and CrossFit Level 3 Trainer Adam Neiffer sits down with host Adrian Conway to share his wisdom and experience as a former competitive athlete, an affiliate owner, and coach to two-time Fittest Man on Earth Justin Medeiros


Neiffer was introduced to CrossFit by his brother who came across the sport online. Having grown up playing sports, including football, Neiffer thought he was “pretty fit,” but was quickly humbled after taking on his first CrossFit workout Angie. 

Neiffer went on to be a 10-time Games team competitor with CrossFit Fort Vancouver — a 14-year-old affiliate — and won the Affiliate Cup in 2010. In 2019, he began working closely with Medeiros, coaching him to his Games debut in 2020 and through his back-to-back championship seasons (2021-2022). 


In today’s episode, Neiffer opens up about his personal CrossFit journey — competing as an athlete, becoming a business owner, and mentoring coaches and athletes at his affiliate. 

Pulling from his experience, he explains how he’s created a “happy, hungry, awesome” environment at CrossFit Fort Vancouver to elicit a positive change for coaches and members of the community. He also shares what makes working with two-time Games champion Medeiros so special. 


Tune in to today’s enlightening episode to learn more from Neiffer’s experiences in the sport, how and why he fell in love with CrossFit, and how CrossFit has been influential in other parts of his life, especially as a wildland firefighter.


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