October 14, 2019
20.1 CrossFit Open - Tips with Sara Sigmundsdót

Five-time CrossFit Games veteran Sara Sigmundsdottir shares her tips and perspective on Open Workout 20.1:

"This workout is a burner! Pace yourself in the beginning. Don't chalk unless you really need it. Accept the pain and keep going. 

"You can choose a snatch, clean and jerk, or both. Break it up so there is a bigger set at the beginning of each floor to overhead round - start with a set of five and then you only have three left. 

"Focus on your breathing, don't hold your breath in. Breath in when you pick up the bar and out when it's overhead - keep a good rhythm of breathing. 

"For burpees, you are shooting for 100 total, so aim to keep a good pace that you can stick with. It may not feel like 100 the first two rounds since your adrenaline is pumping, but all of a sudden you are going to hit a wall.

"Start slow and increase the speed each round. Or stay consistent and then amp it up on the last round by going all out."

Score submissions close Monday, Oct. 14, at 5 p.m. PT.