Team Lane 5 Athletics

This is our 3rd year competing at Regionals with a team. The first year, we won Regionals (2015). The second year, we finished 4th (2016). This year, 4 out of our 6 athletes are new to the Regional team. Although, 2015 was our first year competing as a team, we had a few athletes that had been competing as individuals for a few years. I believe because of this, and the athletic ability of our team members, we were able to do very well stepping onto the stadium floor as "team rookies". We have a very close bond with our athletes. We work very well together, and enjoy one another's company. The last 2 years competing at Regionals and the Games, we had probably the oldest team by age (I believe the Average age on our team was 35 years old at the time). Which is part of the reason for the shift in our team roster this year. We are excited to be sending a team again this year. With the competition getting tougher each year, we have no idea how we will stack up this year. We have never been in the lime light coming out of the "Open". I believe last year we qualified 10th out of our Region and were able to pull off a 4th place finish against 2 regions. I believe part of this is due to having experienced athletes who help guide the team, and being able to compete and communicate well as a team.