Team Ruination CrossFit

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    Southern California
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"For something new to be born, something old must be destroyed. Razed. Ruined. Legend speaks of a place where men and women of flesh are remade of stone and fire. Pools of sweat are mixed with blood. Warriors bind their wounds and carry on through clouds of chalk. Undaunted, they march headlong into the razor toothed jaws of pain. Those who rise from the rubble emerge changed. Stronger. Better. Welcome to Ruination. Your muscles will rail against the apparatus, your lungs burning for air. Your bones will strain beneath the weight of rubber and iron. But your will, tempered, must be stronger than both. The death rattles of your peers will sound around you in shouts for time as they collapse to the floor. But you must press on, inviting agony and total exhaustion. Here, our strength begins with Ruination."