Started CrossFit in 2006 as a way to stay fit and have since dedicated myself to helping others do the same! Affiliated in 2007 in a two-car garage, now in a 6k dungeon in Capitol Hill, Seattle. Recently my personal focus has been more into competitive Olympic Weightlifting and being a capable dad, but I'm always about strength for life!

Year Division Rank Worldwide Rank by Region Rank By Country
2022 Men (35-39) 6804th 16869th North America 14522nd United States
2021 Men (35-39) 6437th 17501st North America 15159th United States
2020 Men 36983rd -- 15960th United States
2019 Men 24218th -- 11440th United States
2018 Men 23106th 2226th West Coast 12844th
2017 Men 35639th 1260th North West 20002nd United States
2016 Men 17296th 698th North West --
2015 Men 17826th 742nd North West --
2014 Men 15488th 772nd North West --
2012 Men 7534th 519th North West --
2011 Men 2357th 195th North West --
Benchmark Stats
  • Back Squat 170 kg
    Clean and Jerk 126 kg
    Snatch 101 kg
    Deadlift 215 kg
    Fight Gone Bad 375
    Max Pull-ups 69
  • Fran 3:23
    Grace 2:38
    Helen 9:39
    Filthy 50 25:24
    Sprint 400m 1:15
    Run 5k 20:52
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