Part time chiropractor in Nanaimo, Canada, I have an extensive sports background and have been competing in Crossfit since 2013. I made it to the games for the first time in 2015 on Team Crossfit Plateau 2 and have since been back in 2016-2019 to compete as an individual finishing on the podium 3 times. Crossfit has been a great way for me to challenge myself and escape from my studies while also being a great outlet for my competitiveness. In 2019 I am competing to be crowned the fittest on Earth.

Year Division Rank Worldwide Rank by Region Rank By Country
2022 Men 69th 43rd North America 10th Canada
2021 Men 20th 13th North America 4th Canada
2020 Men 1st -- 2nd Canada
2019 Men 30th -- 3rd Canada
2018 Men 5th 2nd Canada East 2nd Canada
2017 Men 11th 2nd Canada East 2nd Canada
2016 Men 8th 1st Canada East --
2015 Men 548th 25th Canada East --
2014 Men 1200th 48th Canada East --
2013 Men 7284th 334th Canada East --
Individual Quarterfinals
Year Division Rank Continent
2022 Men 7th North America
2021 Men 4th North America
Year Division Rank Semifinal
2022 Men 2nd CrossFit Atlas Games
2021 Men 1st CrossFit Atlas Games
Year Division Rank Regional Team
2018 Men 1st East --
2017 Men 2nd East --
2016 Individual Men 3rd East Regional --
2015 Team 5th East Regional Crossfit plateau 2
2014 Individual Men 5th Canada East --
Year Division Rank Team
2021 Men 2nd --
2020 Men 9th --
2019 Men 16th --
2018 Men 2nd --
2017 Men 3rd --
2016 Individual Men 3rd --
2015 Team 20th Crossfit plateau 2
Benchmark Stats
  • Back Squat 455 lb
    Clean and Jerk 355 lb
    Snatch 285 lb
    Deadlift 595 lb
    Fight Gone Bad 389
    Max Pull-ups 64
  • Fran 2:14
    Grace 1:17
    Helen 9:46
    Filthy 50 20:16
    Sprint 400m 1:06
    Run 5k 18:50
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