For the love of the sport and a amazing box. I am making a new commitment in life and this is a decision for a new and better me.


Year Rank Worldwide Rank by Region Rank By Country Rank By Affiliate
2023 47295th Men 9471st Men (35-39) 9232nd Men North America West 2098th Men (35-39) North America West 18604th Men United States 4139th Men (35-39) United States 8th Men Jump Ship CrossFit West 1st Men (35-39) Jump Ship CrossFit West
2022 31954th Men 14631st Men North America 12571st Men United States 4th Men Jump Ship CrossFit West
2021 34110th Men 17893rd Men North America 15502nd Men United States 9th Men Jump Ship CrossFit West
2018 76017th Men 4372nd Men Central East 40226th Men United States – –

Benchmark Stats

  • Back Squat --
    Clean and Jerk --
    Snatch --
    Deadlift --
    Fight Gone Bad --
    Max Pull-ups --
  • Fran --
    Grace --
    Helen --
    Filthy 50 --
    Sprint 400m --
    Run 5k --