April 23, 2013
A Year of Change for Angie Hay
By Quin McConnell

"Some days, I was just wanting to say, 'fuck it,' but other days I felt like it was saving me."


It’s been a tough year for Angie Hay.

Hay, famously known as Angie Pye, has decided to go back to her maiden name as a result of a devastating divorce last fall, after 18 years.

Another, less drastic change will nonetheless shock the region: Angie Hay is out of Individual Competition for 2013. She’s going Team.

“(I was) trying to give it my best for what I am able to do that day. Some days went great, other days were a write off,” she says. “Some days, I was just wanting to say ‘fuck it,’ but other days I felt like it was saving me.”

Hay also injured her lower back during the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games and since then, hasn’t been able to lift heavy or tolerate any big impact without experiencing pain.

With a bruised mojo, a discouraged outlook on training and a whirlwind of personal changes, Hay shifted her priorities in 2013.

“Competing is awesome, but it is also very stressful and I’ve had to realize that for this year, it’s more than I can take on and that’s been a hard pill to swallow,” Hay says.

As a result, she’ll join Team Taranis in June at the Canada West Regional.

“I hope that I can be an asset to them and I look forward to training with a team versus training solo.”

Team Taranis has dominated Canada West since 2011, when they finished first at the Regional. They repeated in 2012, and will be an even tougher contender with Hay on the roster.

Taranis started their team workouts last week, and Hay is looking forward to the camaraderie a team environment provides. She is hoping to amp up her training in the next seven weeks and will continue to work toward winning at Regionals.

“CrossFit came into my life unexpectedly and has taught me that we never know what might come into our lives,” she says. “And the beauty of this sport is that there is always a chance to play. Be it in your box, in the Open, on a team, as an individual or in the Masters. It’s awesome!”

Keeping an optimistic attitude and a huge smile on her face, watch out for a new Angie at the Regional.