March 18, 2013
Week Two in Review: South East
By Dawn South

Open Workout 13.2 proved to be all about work capacity and speed.

After starting off the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games Open with a grueling 17 minutes of burpees and heavy snatches, a short and classic AMRAP of shoulder to overhead, deadlifts and box jumps was something most everyone felt they could tackle with confidence.

Open Workout 13.2 was not about high skill, but proved to be all about work capacity and speed. Containing basic, foundational movements and lightweight, athletes learned quickly that the only strategy to use was to go fast and don’t stop! 

This week the top male and female athletes held their spots on the South East Leaderboard proving they not only have the high skill and strength required of heavy snatches, but also the work capacity and discipline needed to keep moving and to push through a simple, yet fast, met-con.


Matt Baird from CrossFit North Atlanta takes the top spot on the South East leaderboard once again this week with a score of 368 reps. Baird says his strategy on 13.2 was to set out on a “suicide pace,” which appears to have paid off as he moves to second place on the worldwide Leaderboard.

Moving up into second place is former football player Jimmy St. Louis of CrossFit HAF with 353 reps. He is in eighth place worldwide. Zach Anderson of CrossFit Paragon takes third place with a score of 353 reps. Dominick Maurici from Caution CrossFit and Eric Carmody from CrossFit Impulse are currently tied in fourth place.

Keeping their names in the rankings, as well are Elijah Muhammad of CrossFit Shoals in ninth place, Jason Ingham of CrossFit Ragnarok in 11th place, and Chase Daniels in 14th place. Four-time Games competitor, Brandon Phillips falls to 31st place this week.


Lindsay Bourdon of CrossFit Adrenaline maintains her first-place position in the South East this week with a score of 368 reps, placing her in sixth place worldwide. Emily Bridgers of CrossFit RX also holds on to second place with a score of 366 reps, moving her into 10th place worldwide. Former Olympian and gold medalist in sailing, Anna Tunnicliffe of Peak 360 CrossFit Body and Soul, rounds out the top three with a third place finish of 357 reps.

Moving up on the Leaderboard are Cheryl Nasso of CrossFit Tuckpoint in fourth place, Emily Friedman of CrossFit RX in fifth, and Jaime Gold of CrossFit Conquest in seventh.

Despite suffering through a stomach virus, Sarabeth Phillips of CrossFit Tuscaloosa managed to knock out 319 reps keeping her in the rankings in 35th place.

“That was a new experience having to do the workout while experiencing (stomach virus) symptoms the whole time,” Phillips says. “I'm just glad to get through this week. I would love to retest it again when I'm healthy and feeling good. But I guess I can say I'm ready for anything and can function while I'm under the weather.”

The 2012 third fittest women on Earth, Talayna Fortunato of CrossFit Real Fitness, falls to 13th place with 331 reps.


In the Men’s 40-44 Division, Rob Labar of CrossFit Boynton Beach moved into 19th place worldwide with a score of 309 reps. Cory Dague of CrossFit Pike makes a big jump on the Leaderboard going from 87th place to 31st place worldwide. With an impressive score of 320 reps, Dague says he felt great about the workout.

“When I saw the release on Wednesday, I felt it was a (workout) that might suit me,” Dague says. “I'm not really great at any one thing, but for some reason can push through ‘the suck’ in certain situations. I knew this (workout) was going to have a point when I had to push through or rest. My best friends and I met at CrossFit Pike for the (workout) Friday morning, and it was awesome!”

On the women’s side, Fortune Santos of CrossFit Port Saint Lucie is still in the hunt for the top 20 by finishing the week in 35th place.

In the Men’s 45-49 Division, John McLaughlin of CrossFit BGI-West Palm Beach moves up to fifth place worldwide with a score of 302 reps. Ron Ortiz takes 13th place with a score of 293 reps, and Billy Goodson of CrossFit Unconquered holds onto the rankings in 19th place with a score of 282 reps.

In the Women’s 45-49 Division, Kerrie Napoli of CrossFit North Fulton takes eighth place worldwide with an impressive 311 reps.

Bob LeFavi of Rincon Athletic CrossFit moves into seventh place after posting 267 reps, and Brian “Brig” Edwards jumps up to eighth place with 285 reps in the Men’s 50-54 Division.

In the Women’s 50-54 Division, Colleen Fahey of CrossFit Black Box gave an impressive score of 315 reps taking her to second place worldwide. She was the top finisher in this workout in her age group. Kelli Dean of Lightning CrossFit holds 14th place with a score of 275 reps. Diane McKinney of CrossFit North Fulton sits right outside the top 20 in 22nd place with 271 reps.

In the Master’s 55-59 Division, the South East is well-represented with Greg Budde of CrossFit Vero Beach in ninth place with 301 reps, Tony Rogers of CrossFit Impulse tied for 10th place with 306 reps, Charlie Clendening of CrossFit Vero Beach in 12th place with 295 reps, and Daniel Sharkey of CrossFit Port Saint Lucie in 14th place with 318 reps. Budde and Clendening’s training partner at CrossFit Vero Beach, Charles Sullivan, sits in 27th place with 289 reps.

On the women’s side in the 55-59 Division, Gabriele Schlicht from CrossFit Deerfield Beach holds onto first place worldwide with a score of 339 reps. Schlict is dominating her age group taking first place on both Workouts 13.1 and 13.2. Phyllis Collier of CrossFit 4 Everyone moves up to 19th place with 289 reps.

In the 60+ Division, Jim Lanier of CrossFit West Jax falls to 23rd place with 255 reps, while Susan Wallis of CrossFit Duval takes 11th place with a score of 270 reps.


The team competition is heating up as Team CrossFit Siege and Team Hustle Hard tied for first place. CrossFit RX moves into third place, with CFNA Cockdiesel taking fourth. CrossFit Adrenaline, which held the top spot last week, falls to sixth place.

Week two of the Open is now in the books, and with three weeks to go, anything can happen. For now, the consistency of the top athletes seems to be the story of the week. As the Open continues, the dark horses will try to make their way to the top, and the athletes we have come to expect to see on the leaderboard will try to hold their ground.