March 5, 2012
Week Two in Review: South Central
By Dave Re

Being able to complete a single rep at the next highest weight could be a huge difference in an athlete's placement, overall.

Workout 12.2 is in the bag, and possibly the most technical lift in the CrossFit repertoire has served to thoroughly shake and bake the Leaderboard in the South Central Region.

In terms of overall simplicity, it would be hard to be Workout 12.1 from last week, but Workout 12.2 came close. The prescription? Snatch, more snatch, more snatch on top of that, and then maybe even a little more snatch, if you could get there.

Given the way the weights notched up on this workout, it should be no surprise that you can find a large number of athletes tied at 30, 60, and 90 reps. Being able to complete just a single rep at the next highest weight could make a huge difference in an athlete's placement, overall. The jumps between the loads were not typical.

After the second workout, it's clear there is no single athlete dominating the competition in the South Central Region. In fact, between 12.1 and 12.2, only four women repeated a top 10 performance, a feat no male athlete could replicate.

For the Individual Men, Jeremy Calahan – CrossFit Strong – posted the high score with 93 reps, moving him up 401 spots on the Leaderboard to 158th place in the Region. Courtney Wuistinger – CrossFit  – and Russell Aldredge – CrossFit Deep Ellum – tied for 2nd with 91 reps. These three men were the only in the region to put up 210 pounds.

On the Individual Women's side, Azadeh Boroumand – Get Lifted by CrossFit – tallied up 95 reps to take the top spot. Only one rep behind her, Nikki Isbell – CrossFit Cedar Park – managed a sharp 94 reps and moved herself 87 places up the Leaderboard to 28th in the region. Megan Norris – CrossFit Lake Charles - and Lisa Thiel – CrossFit Central – both knocked out 92 reps to tie for 3rd place. However, Thiel, who recently learned she is pregnant, will not be continuing on to the Regional competition this year.

In terms of Team efforts, CrossFit Dallas Central put together 515 snatches to take the lead on 12.2. CrossFit Central follows closely behind with 512 reps. Get Lifted followed up six reps behind at 506 to take 3rd.

The Leaderboard has changed significantly after the second workout. For the Men, Michael Barousse – Ragin' CrossFit – has moved into the top spot with 41 points. For the second week in a row, an athlete from Ragin' CrossFit occupies one of the top three spots in the Region.

Jason Hoggan – CrossFit Heath – trails him by five points to secure 2nd place with 46 points. In 3rd place is Wuistinger with 56 points. You'll also notice that a lot of well-known athletes in our region, who were previously not in the top 60 now occupy the top 20. Last week's leader, Dave Schwanke, has dropped to 22nd place with 164 points.

Holly Mata – Get Lifted by CrossFit – climbs the women's ranks 5 places to tie Candice Ruiz – CrossFit Iron Horse – for 1st place in the Women's division. With Mata's teammate, Boroumand, only five places and 17 points behind, it seems that Get Lifted by CrossFit might be poised to be dominant in the Women's competition this year.

Ruiz jumped a similar eight places to secure her spot tied for 1st. In 3rd we have another two-way tie at 17 points between Janet Black – Atomic CrossFit – and Stacey Magnesio – CrossFit Austin.

Team Get Lifted and Team CrossFit Central Competitors are all tied up for 1st with six points each. Interestingly, due to how scoring is figured Worldwide, Team Get Lifted sits in 13th place, while Team CrossFit Central Competitors is in 18th. Team Bayou City trails the leaders by six points, to occupy 3rd place with 12 points. Bringing up the next 3 spots are Team CrossFit Strong with 15, and a two-way tie between Team CrossFit Dallas Central Team CrossFit Waco with 16 points apiece. Finally, with 17 points, Team CrossFit Deep Ellum sits in 7th.

Moving up the ranks in the Masters 45-49 Division, Ken Cutrer – CrossFit EST – did 66 reps to move into 14th place with 95 points. Cliff Lewis was stuck in the logjam at 60 reps, and fell back 24 places to 32nd.

In the 50-54 division, Scott Patenaude – Atomic CrossFit – managed 51 reps to improve his position by nine places, moving up into 59th place.

In the Masters 55-59 Division, CrossFit Austin's Darlene Price took 7th place in 12.2 with an 87-rep performance, moving her up the Leaderboard by 21 places to take 15th.

Clearly, it's anyone's competition at this point in the South Central Region, and small differences in performance can yield large changes in Leaderboard position.

Workout 12.3 will no doubt shake things up even further. Will we see dark horses stay at the top, or will the seasoned athletes continue to percolate to the top of the stack?

*The scores and rankings are unofficial until Tuesdays at 5 p.m., PT.