March 18, 2013
Week Two in Review: North East
By Keka Schermerhorn

With half of the reps in this lightweight 10-minute AMRAP consisting of box jumps, athletes mulled over the decision to jump up or step up, many doing the workout twice, and putting both methods to the test.

Week two started off with plenty of excitement in the North East, when Annie Thorisdottir and Lindsey Valenzuela went head-to-head at CrossFit South Brooklyn, just minutes after the live announcement of Open Workout 13.2.

As it turns out, the workout came down to one movement — box jumps.

With half of the reps in this lightweight 10-minute AMRAP consisting of box jumps, athletes mulled over the decision to jump up or step up, many doing the workout twice, and putting both methods to the test.

Week two came to a close with more than 12 million box jumps recorded worldwide, and a few changes in the standings. 

With two workouts down and three to go, anything can happen in the standings.

This week the Garceau family (CrossFit North Haven) made their presence known on the Leaderboard. Games veteran, Marlene Garceau’s 305 reps for 13.2 was a tie for most reps in the Masters Women 60+ Division worldwide, and it helped her maintain her top spot in the division for the North East. Her sister-in-law and training partner, Marie Garceau grabbed the No. 1 spot in the Masters Women 55-59 Division, and their coach and nephew, Kurt Garceau is currently No. 4 on the Men’s Leaderboard.


The No. 1 and 2 spots on the Leaderboard still belong to Christopher Wyant (Kong CrossFit - Norwalk) with a score of 364 and Craig Kenney (Branford CrossFit) with 363.

Kenney, a former Division I Linebacker for Northeastern University is no stranger to competition, and is thriving during his first CrossFit Games Open.

All three of last year’s Games athletes from the North East performed well, with Daniel Tyminski (CrossFit Lindy) scoring 369, giving him the most reps on 13.2 and moving him up to the third place from last week’s fifth. Spencer Hendel (CrossFit Medfield) and Austin Malleolo (CrossFit One) also moved up on the Leaderboard and are tied for 13th at the end of week two.


Kaleena Ladeairous (CrossFit Port Chester) maintains her first-place position on the Leaderboard with 385, and moves up third place worldwide.

Games veteran, Jenny Davis (Stone Coast CrossFit) moves up seven spots to the second-place position overall with 353 in 13.2. Jessa Lemoine (CrossFit Back Bay) is now tied for third place with 343 this week to Tracey Hutt’s (CrossFit Dynamix) 352 reps.

Liz Adams (CrossFit 5th Avenue), earned the second best score in the North East for 13.2 with 371, shooting her up in the standings from 59th at the end of week one to 26th at the end of week two. She earned that score by minimizing transition time from one movement to another, and then chose to jump rather than step-up on the box jumps.

“I was very excited when I saw the workout. I love all three of those movements, so I felt good. My goal going into the workout was to not put the bar down on the transition from the press to the deadlift and to not stop moving for 10 minutes,” Adams says. ”My strategy was to go straight from the deadlift, turn around and start jumping.”

Athletes are ranked by their finish order each week and lowest cumulative finish positions.


CrossFit Milford is once again No. 1 in the North East and worldwide at the close of week two, thanks in part to Jason Leydon, sixth place overall in the North East Region and Liz Warren, who is currently tied for seventh in the North East.

Shoreline CrossFit also maintains their second-place spot in the North East, but dropped to fifth from third worldwide.

Team Dynamix breaks into the top three, with CrossFit Southie and CFNE Team A moving into fourth and fifth.


Lisa Mikkelsen (CrossFit Never Doubt), winner of the Masters 45-49 Division at the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games, now shares her overall first place in the North East with the 2012 Masters 45-49 Division third-place finisher, Cindy Briggs (CrossFit BrickYard). They are followed closely by Amy Mandelbaum (BKAthletics) who earned the top score for 13.2 in the division both in the North East and worldwide, with 335.

This is the race to watch, as these three athletes are also first, second and third in their division worldwide.

In the Women’s Masters 50-54 Division, 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games 50-54 Masters Division third-place finisher, Elaine Polito (CrossFit Bridgewater) is tied for first with Sue Velott (CrossFit Mount Laurel).

Games veteran Jacinto Bonilla (CrossFit Virtuosity) earned the best score in in the Masters Men 60+ Division with 259, helping him move up from the sixth in week one to second overall at the end of week two.

Make sure to tune in to the CrossFit Games website on Wednesday, March 20th at 8 p.m. ET, for the live announcement of 13.3 from CrossFit Roots in Boulder, Colo.