March 18, 2013
Week Two in Review: North Central
By Nicole Scott Smith

When all was said and done, North Central had six women beat, and two tie Annie Thorisdottir’s score on 13.2.

After Dave Castro announced 13.2, Lindsey Valenzuela and Annie Thorisdottir went head-to-head on the light, 10-minute triplet of shoulder-to-overheads, deadlifts and box jumps.

At the end of the 10 minutes, Thorisdottir had given the world a number to beat: 361 reps.

That’s one rep every 1.66 seconds or just over 12 rounds. Remarkably, Thorisdottir’s number didn’t stay at the top of the worldwide Leaderboard for long. Within 24 hours, North Central athlete, Deb Cordner Carson surpassed the reigning champion by three reps.

Let’s check out what happened in North Central during the second week of the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games Open.


When all was said and done, North Central had six women beat, and two tie Thorisdottir’s score on 13.2.

The top female performance in North Central went to Sarah McCormick. The former Division 1 track athlete turned in 370 reps (which breaks down to one rep every 1.62 seconds). Although you may not be familiar with her name, she is no stranger to CrossFit competition. Last year, she helped CrossFit Kilo reach eighth place at the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games.

“I love this kind of workout … (it’s) all lungs,” McCormick says. “I just went at it knowing that I wouldn't take a break or allow myself to rest during transitions.”

Multi-year North Central Regional competitor, Megan John, tied with newcomer Kristen Rosenau for second on 13.2 with 366 reps.

With two weeks of competition in the books, Cordner Carson is in first overall with second on 13.1 and fourth on 13.2 (six points total). Jaime Noyce and John are tied for second overall with 17 points. Noyce is a big name in North Central because her whole family competes. Her mother, Shelly Noyce, won the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games 55-59 Division.

Ashley Van Boxtel, the winner of 13.1, dropped to 13th overall after taking 43rd on 13.2 with a score of 335 reps (44 points).

Elisabeth Akinwale is cruising through the Open. She has yet to pop onto the top, but she’s set in a comfortable seventh overall with 24 points (fifth on 13.1 and 19th on 13.2).

It’s incredible how deep the competition has become! To make it into the top 48 in North Central on 13.2, competitors had to get 330 reps or better. That’s 11 rounds.


The top male performance of 13.2 went to Michael Bodi. In the 10 minutes, he finished 364 reps.

“I knew going in (that 13.2) was a sprint,” Bodi says. “My strategy was to fly through rounds one and two, then try to gauge where I was physically and cardio-wise. I was planning on getting 315 reps and trying to pace it out in my head to hit at least that number. I told myself I was only going to get one shot at this, so I went all out for minutes nine and 10.”

Although most North Central fans are unfamiliar with Bodi, they won’t be unfamiliar for long. So far, he has accumulated only five points (fourth on 13.1 and first on 13.2) and holds onto first overall in the region. He started at CrossFit North Wall one year ago, and this is his first Open competition. Outside of CrossFit, he’s a competitive grappler.

Nick Bloch, owner of CrossFit Fond du Lac, came one-rep shy of Bodi and consequently took second in North Central on 13.2. Bloch is an unfamiliar name because he’s not from these parts, at least, not until recently. Last year, he helped Premier CrossFit reach the team competition at the 2012 South Central Regional. Before CrossFit, he was an All Conference athlete for Northern Michigan University and a competitive bodybuilder (former Teen Mr. Wisconsin).

Jacob Heppner of Iron Major CrossFit came in third with 360 reps.

After two weeks, Bodi is in first overall (five points), Sam Dancer is in second (11 points) and Justin Allen is in third (15 points). To be in the top 48 overall, an athlete needs 133 points or fewer.  

Past Games competitors are spread across the North Central Leaderboard, with Kyle Kasperbauer in 20th overall (73 points), Armand McCormick in 25th (85 points) and Brandon Pastorek in 90th (248 points).


To make it into the top 30 on 13.2, teams needed a cumulative score of 1,834 (304 per person).

To win, a team had to pass CrossFit 515 (2044). CrossFit Kilo managed that task with enough to spare with a score of 2079. Kilo’s score breaks down to an average score of 364 reps per teammate.

After two weeks, CrossFit 515 is in first overall with three points, CrossFit Kilo is in second overall with seven points, and CrossFit Bellator is in third with nine points. The 30th-ranked team, CrossFit ICE STL has 64 points.


In the Men’s Masters 45-49 Division, CrossFit Greendale’s, Frank Colavita, scored an impressive 295 points, securing fourth place worldwide. Brent Colson (CrossFit Rockford) scored 285 reps and tied for 10th worldwide.

In the Masters Women 55-59 Division, Patty Failla of CrossFit Fit Farm holds the fourth-place position worldwide with 304 total reps in 13.2.

Shelley Noyce (CrossFit 515, Masters Women 55-59 Division) is tied for seventh worldwide.

Cardiovascular surgery nurse, Denny Hawkins, of CrossFit NWA plowed through an amazing 330 reps to take sixth overall on the Masters Men 55-59 Leaderboard.

Sixty one-year-old Andrea Woodyatt of CrossFit Rockford holds the sixth overall place in the Masters Women 60+ Division. Woodyatt scored 274 reps.