The snatches of 12.2 laid a deep trench between the average and experienced CrossFitter. If Workout 12.1 seemed to be biased toward the more...

The snatches of 12.2 laid a deep trench between the average and experienced CrossFitter.


If Workout 12.1 seemed to be biased toward the more conditioned, met-con athletes, the snathes in 12.2 has laid down a deep trench between the average and experienced CrossFitter.

In every division, the increase in loads after the first 30 reps proved a tough hurdle for those without solid technique, and those who made it with sheer strength only, were soon to hit another brick wall at the next weight increase.  

The Fittest Woman on Earth, Annie Thorisdottir is back with vengeance, topping the world and posting an amazing 109 reps, but just as impressive as her performance is her excellent physical condition at the end of this grueling snatch marathon. 

Another big news from the region is that Samantha Briggs, 4th at the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games has withdrawn from the competition due to a knee injury.  

Overall, more familiar and known names are starting to emerge from the doldrums of the lower part of the Leaderboard and appear next to the newcomers across all divisions, balancing out the effects of the first burpee workout.


Mikko Aronpaa, a 2011 CrossFit Games finalist, and Philip Bengtsson from CrossFit Malmo, topped this Workout with a solid 90 reps. At 3rd and 4th place two unheard of athletes both with video submissions: Damian Mlakar from Slovenia and Loic Bruziaux form France.

The overall Leaderboard now shows two Italian athletes in the first two spots: Davide Marini, a ju-jitsu athlete and CrossFitter since 2010, and Stefano Migliorini, trained by coach Ernest Briganti at CrossFit Forgeria. Even more impressive is the fact that Marini is 19th in the world after the first two workouts. 

Finally, we are seeing more established athletes creeping up the Leaderboard – Frederik Aegidius, Lacee Kovacs, Marcus Herou, and Adam Shackell are in the top 30, whilst several of athletes we have covered during the pre-Open season are showing in the front page. Richard Vanmeerbeek, a 2010 CrossFit Games finalist is back in the top 60 also.


Two big news headlines this week are Thorisdottir’s outstanding 109 reps and Briggs’ withdrawing from the competition due to a knee injury. Briggs has stated, “Every time I put weight on the knee, it is just pushing forward my rehab in time, I wouldn’t be ready for the Games anyway.” In the mean time, Briggs is sticking with gymnastics workouts and has her sights set on 2013.

“Iceland Annie” made a big statement this week reaffirming her world dominance by posting 109 reps. With her coach Jami Tikkanen counting reps, the video is not just an inspiring show of technique and strength, but leaves all in dismal as she does not show any signs of fatigue when she finished the workout.

Second with 96 reps is CrossFit Butcher's Garage’s Sarah Troelsen Krarup, and tied at 4th place are two athletes from Iceland: Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir and Ingunn Ludviksdottir, both with 91 reps.

The overall Leaderboard is now starting to take shape and is showing plenty of last year’s Regional participants. Following Thorisdottir at 1st place are Davidsdottir from CrossFit BC Iceland and Emma Keen form CrossFit 365 in Wales.


The strong presence in the top 20 of the Masters Leaderboard continues this week, with Maz Glover from CrossFit Plymouth (UK) in the 45-49 Women’s division, and the swede Karl Dyall joined by Maurizio Maddaloni of CrossFit Italia, in the Men’s.

In the 50-54 Men’s division, Michel Vanmeerbeek from Belgium takes 7th and CrossFit Scotland’s Neil Foley is back in the race for the top 20. Anita Eskelinen from CrossFit Lappeenranta sits in 11th place in the Women’s 50-54 age category.

The 55-59 Men’s division has both the leader, John Lugg of Dragon CrossFit, and a solid 6th place with Hilmar Hardarson of CrossFit Sport.


As expected, a load-oriented workout has made the stronger Northern Europe teams emerge from the lower spots in the Leaderboard. CrossFit BC Iceland and CrossFit Nordic1 from Stockholm finished in a tie for 2nd with 471 snatches each. In 1st place is CrossFit Reykjavik with an impressive score of 521 and an average of 86 snatches per athlete.

The top three teams overall are CrossFit Reykjavik, CrossFit BC Iceland, and CrossFit Solid. Other notable performances are from the two teams of Butcher’s Lab in Copenhagen.