March 5, 2012
Week Two in Review: Canada West
By Vera Ilnyckyj

Where do the top athletes in Canada West stand after 10 minutes of snatches?

You can stop thinking of snatch jokes, Open Workout 12.2 is now over. Let’s see where the top athletes in Canada West stand after ten minutes of technical lifting.


Garth Prouse, who was in 1st place after 12.1, has moved down to 66th spot. Taking 1st place this week is Ray Krumme, the 34-year-old relative newcomer to CrossFit. Krumme has moved up from 3rd place with 83 snatches. 

Tyson Takasaki takes back his place in the top five, sitting in the 2nd place spot after 12.2, completing 81 snatches. Takasaki finished seventh in last year’s Open and 5th in the Canada West Regional.

Jason Cain, last year’s Canada East Region champ moves from 14th place to 3rd with 81 snatches, bumping Brett Marshall from this spot. Marshall now sits in 26th. Also bumped from the top five is Iain Maclean, who is now in 7th place. Dave Poettcker fell from 6th place to 73rd, while Kaine Dick, who was went from 2nd place to 25th after 12.2.

The favored contender and last year’s top finisher, Lucas Parker jumped from 24th place after 12.1 to 5th place with 85 snatches, while Jeremy Meredith who finished 2nd in 2011 soared from 53rd place to 13th, upon completing 77 snatches. 

In 4th place is Robert Perovich, a 35-year-old athlete from CrossFit Fraser Valley who was in 22nd place with 85 snatches. In the 2011 Open, Perovich ruptured his Achilles during the second workout and had to pull out of the competition.


Angie Pye, the 10th fittest woman in the world moves from 8th place to first, with an amazing 98 snatches. Alicia Connors, 2010 Regional champion takes back her place in the top five, jumping from 9th to 3rd after completing 90 snatches. Chelsea Miller, 3rd place finisher at the 2011 Open, maintains her 2nd place spot with 90 snatches.

Rounding out the top five after 12.2 are Valarie Perry and Jocelyn Rylee in 4th and 5th place, respectively. Perry, 28, is from CrossFit Saskatoon. She was in 14th place after the first workout. Rylee, who co-owns Saskatoon’s CrossFit BRIO with her husband, was in 7th place after 12.1.

Last week’s 1st place athlete Sarah Hills from CrossFit Saskatoon fell to 33rd. The three women who were tied for 2nd place after the first workout, have moved down the Leaderboard – Danielle Shelley moves to 23rd spot, Becky Hogg to 34th and Kristi Jorgenson to 53rd spot.

Emily Beers climbed from 64th place to 15th after 12.2.


CrossFit Saskatoon continues to dominate the Leaderboard after the second workout, with all three of the city’s CrossFit boxes sitting in the top five. Moving from first place to a respectable fourth spot is Saskatoon’s CrossFit BRIO. Synergy Strength (CrossFit Saskatoon) moves from second to first and Saskatoon’s CrossFit 306 moves from sixth to third.

Currently in 2nd place is Victoria’s Team Taranis, moving up one notch from last week. Rounding off the top five in 5th place is CrossFit Calgary, down one spot from last week. CrossFit Lions from Vancouver, 4th last week, drops to 9th spot after 12.2.

The second week of the Open has brought about some jumps, and some falls. Along with some surprises, workout 12.2 proved anything could happen in CrossFit.

*The scores and rankings are unofficial until Tuesdays at 5 p.m., PT.