March 6, 2012
Week Two in Review: Africa
By Imtiaz Desai

The format of the workout demanded that athletes were not only proficient at the snatch, but also have an ability to move a large volume of heavy loads.

More than five million burpees completed during Workout 12.1 and over a billion pounds of weight moved across the globe during Workout 12.2 of the CrossFit Games Open. The burpee event was hailed unexciting by many, but it was accessible to everyone, and the complaints were silenced when workout 12.2 was released to contain the most technically demanding movement for CrossFit athletes. The snatch.

The format of the workout demanded that athletes were not only proficient in the snatch, but also an ability to move a large volume of heavy loads. The task saw the top of the women’s Leaderboard stabilize further, while as expected, the men’s Leaderboard received a shake up.

Rika Diedericks not only took top honors among the women, but her score of 85 beat the top male contenders who scored 80. Beatrix Snyman of CrossFit Platinum was a surprise in 2nd place with a score of 75. Snyman has been involved in CrossFit for no longer than 12 months. She accumulated a respectable 84 repetitions in workout 12.1 so she certainly has some good work capacity.

Wilna Appel placed 3rd with a score of 68. These results have Appel and Diedericks tied in 1st place with a score of four going in to Week 3. Ellie Hagopian, Lorinda van Loggerenberg and last year’s 3rd place winner at the Africa Regional qualifier, Lauren Guibert are rounding out the top five on the women’s side.

The changes in the men’s division are beginning to identify the athletes with a more rounded fitness. Last week’s 1st place athlete, Troy Sender, completed 126 burpees, however, he has never trained the Olympic lifts. Despite his strong power to weight ratio gained from an extensive gymnastics background, the technicality of the event left him stranded.

The top three spots for workout 12.2 saw a couple of new names rise, and an old contender stake his claim for a title defense. Danie Oosthuizen of CrossFit PBM came in 3rd with a score of 78 after less than six months of CrossFit training. CrossFit PBM seems to be developing some firebreathers.

Last year’s Regional winner, Danie du Preez, and David Levey both scored 80 for a tie in 1st place. Levey is the owner of one of Africa’s newest additions to the family of affiliates, CrossFit East London. With a score of 110 burpees in workout 12.1, Levey has shown he has a good work capacity and is certainly an athlete to look out for.

CrossFit events routinely reward the most consistent athletes, and this is highlighted by many of this year’s top male contenders who placed strongly in the top 10 going in to Week 3. Neil Scholtz, Jason Smith, his younger brother Richard Smith, and of course Danie Du Preez all feature in the top 10. They are expected to stay there given their broad skill sets and fitness.

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