March 25, 2013
Week Three in Review: South West
By Mandi Lo

Some athletes were happy to see the repeat workout, while others cringed at the idea of wall balls, double-unders and muscle-ups.

Some athletes were happy to see CrossFit Games Open Workout 13.3 announced as a repeat of last year’s 12.4, while others cringed to hear they would once again have to do wall balls, double-unders and muscle-ups. 

“We actually practice muscle-ups, big sets, under fatigue weekly, so as a gym we were very excited,” Chris Dozois, of Front Range CrossFit, says.

Dozois sits on top of the Leaderboard in the South West Region.


Tim Galloway’s performance on 13.3 proves what a truly competitive region the South West is.  Even with an impressive score of 255 reps for 13.3, he loses his first-place lead and drops down to 39th place in the region. 

Dozois’ enthusiasm at seeing the repeated triplet from last year combined with a set strategy for 13.3 scored him 39 more reps than last year.

“My strategy for 13.3 was really simple,” he says. “Show up to muscle-ups as fresh as possible. The key to my strategy was conservation of energy in the wall balls. I opened with a set of 30 and completed them at 48 seconds. I did not start the second set of 30 until 1:10. It's extremely difficult to sit and watch the clock, but it is a critical part of keeping my body ‘fresh.’”

Dozois’ enthusiasm for muscle-ups paid off in 13.3 as he scored 286 reps to launch him to the top of the Leaderboard in the South West after sitting in second place for 13.2 and 10th overall.  

Tommy Hackenbruck of Ute CrossFit, on the other hand, went into 13.3 without a clear strategy and finished with 269 reps.

“I didn't do anything different this year than last year. A year ago, I got 270 and this year 269. Maybe I should've changed something up,” Hackenbruck says. “My best time for 30 muscle-ups fresh is about 4:15. In that workout it took me about 4:40. If I want to get through that (workout) more efficiently, I need to get more stamina on muscle-ups. I tend to hit a wall around 20 reps no matter what.”

Hackenbruck is third place in the South West right behind Moses Cordova, who finished 13.3 with a score of 302 reps — the best in the Region — launching him ahead of Hackenbruck into second place in the Region.

Chris Spealler, despite having a stomach bug, finished 13.3 with the second highest score, behind Cordova, with 298 reps, gaining him 12 spots forward on the Leaderboard and into fifth place in the region, right behind Geoff Turner in fourth place who finished 13.3 with 283 reps.


The women of the South West put up some impressive numbers on 13.3. Taylor Richards-Lindsay of Ute CrossFit continued her climb up the Leaderboard and finished 13.3 with the 14th best score worldwide of 265 reps, launching her into the top spot in the region. 

“When 13.3 was announced I'll be honest, I wasn't super thrilled,” she says. “Although this was a very good (workout) for me last year and I placed well worldwide, I hate wall balls and had anxiety from wanting to kill the workout. I was excited to see how I’d improved and was thinking that I should be able to finish this year, so I put a lot of unneeded pressure on myself.”

She adds: “I did better than last year, but am not truly satisfied with my number. Overall, it was fun, challenging and once again, 12.4/13.3 was a pretty good workout for me.”

Tiffany Hendrickson, of Wasatch CrossFit, also inched her way up the Leaderboard with another solid performance on 13.3. She finished with a score of 264, just one rep shy of Richards-Lindsay’s score, and now sits at second in the region.

Going into 13.4, Richards-Lindsay and Hendrickson are sitting in the top two spots. Closely following behind and head-to-head are Natalie McLain, of CrossFit Venture, with a score 257 reps, and Colleen Maher, of Front Range CrossFit, with a score 258 reps. They enter 13.4 tied for third place in the region. Front Range CrossFit’s, Becky Conzelman, and Ute CrossFit’s, Mandi Janowitz, are directly behind them in fifth and sixth places.


Not much has changed on the Leaderboard for the top three spots. Hack’s Pack UTE, made up of top athletes that include Richards-Lindsay, Mary Lampas, Hackenbruck and Adrian Conway, continues to lead in the South West with 1,571 reps in 13.3.

Front Range CrossFit finally bested UTE this week with 1,587 reps and remains in the second spot on the Leaderboard, followed by CrossFit The Club with 1,533 reps.

Urban WarFit CrossFit falls behind this week from fourth place to 13th with a score of 1,497 reps, giving Salt Lake City CrossFit 1 the edge to slide into the fourth spot, followed by Ute All-Star and CVSC.


Dozois and Conzelman continue to crush the Leaderboard in the Masters 40-44 Division. Dozois now holds the top spot in both Masters 40-44 and Men’s Divisions, while Conzelman holds the top spot in the Masters Division and the fifth spot in the Women’s Division in the South West.

In the 45-49 Division, Gene LaMonica takes the top spot with a score of 265 reps in 13.3. Tracy Maceachern remains at the top with her third week of top performances with 250 reps.

In the 50-54 Division, both Mary Beth Litsheim and Steve Parsoneault continue to sit on top of the Leaderboard with top performances for the third week in a row.

Iris Kamm edged out Becca Hartley for the top spot in the 55-59 Division. Both women got the top score with 240 reps, but Kamm’s tiebreaker time of 9:14 beat out Hartley’s 10:56. Brian Ritchey continues to lead the top of the Leaderboard with a solid performance of 240 reps.

In the 60+ Division, Scott Olson remains on the top for the third straight week with 240 reps. On the Women’s side, Lisa Fullerton takes back the top seat from Janet Horvath with 185 reps over Horvath’s 166.