March 25, 2013
Week Three in Review: South East
By Dawn South

As if Karen wasn't bad enough, add 90 double-unders and throw in 30 muscle-ups, and you have a 12-minute gut check.

Open Workout 13.3 came as a big surprise to all as it was announced that it would be a repeat of last year’s Open Workout 12.4.

As if Karen wasn’t bad enough, add 90 double-unders and throw in 30 muscle-ups, and you have a 12-minute gut check. For those who competed in last year’s Open, this was an opportunity to best last year’s score, and for others, to conquer the movement that would separate them from the rest- the muscle-up. 

Travis Mayer of CrossFit Silos may have been one of the few to be happy with the announcement of 13.3.

“I was stoked about the Open (workout) 13.3. I really enjoy wall balls, double-unders and muscle-ups, so I couldn’t have been more excited about this workout,” he says.

Mayer logged the highest score of the South East with 303 reps, placing him in seventh place overall in the region.


Zachary Anderson from CrossFit Paragon tops the Men’s Leaderboard with a score of 295 reps, replacing his friend and training partner, Matt Baird, who formally held the top spot.

“If you’re resting, you’re losing reps,” Anderson says. “Plus, I decided before the Open that I wasn't going to redo any of the (workouts), so I've really tried to attack these when I hit them.”

In second place is Baird from CrossFit North Atlanta with 270 reps. He is in 13th place worldwide. In third place is Dominick Maurici of Caution CrossFit with a score of 291 reps.

Other athletes to note are Elijah Muhammad, of CrossFit Shoalsm who moves into seventh place, and Drew Shamblin, of CrossFit Tuscaloosa, in 10th place. Brandon Phillips also moves up this week into 23rd place.


Lindsay Bourdon, of CrossFit Adrenaline, continues to hold her first place spot with a score of 266 reps. Emily Bridgers, of CrossFit RX, holds fast to second with 267 reps. Cheryl Nasso, of CrossFit Tuckpoint, moves up to third place with a score of 258.

Emily Friedman, of CrossFit RX, and Jaime Gold, of CrossFit Conquest, stay consistent, keeping their names at the top of the Leaderboard with Friedman in fourth place and Gold in fifth. Talayna Fortunato, of CrossFit Real Fitness, moves back up into 10th place, and Sarabeth Phillips, of CrossFit Tuscaloosa, finishes in 16th place.


In the Men’s 40-44 Division, Rob LaBar, of CrossFit Boynton Beach, scored 257 reps, currently putting him in 12th place worldwide.

In the Women’s 40-44 Division, former gymnast and bodybuilder, Fortune Santos, of CrossFit Port Saint Lucie, sits right outside the top 20 in 22nd place with a score of 255 reps.

In the Men’s 45-49 Division, former Games competitor and firefighter, Ron Ortiz, moves up into eighth place worldwide with a score of 254.

“(I) Love the (workout), hate the pain the day after,” Ortiz says. “My quads are definitely lit up. I am so fortunate to have an awesome family and workout team to do these Open (workouts) with. Without Team Hustle Hard and my programmer, Matt Franco, I would be lost.”

Mike Egan, of Harbor City CrossFit, sits in 10th place with a score of 258, and John McLaughlin, of CrossFit BGI-West Palm Beach, moves into 11th place worldwide.

In the Women’s 45-49 Division, Kerrie Napoli, of CrossFit North Fulton, drops to 29th place worldwide after nursing a calf injury all week.

In the Men’s 50-54 Division, Brian “Brig” Edwards moves up into third place worldwide with a score of 255 reps. Edwards had the top score in the world on Workout 13.3. Bob LeFavi, of Rincon Athletic CrossFit, moves into sixth place worldwide.

In the Women’s 50-54 Division, Colleen Fahey, of CrossFit Black Box, is tied for second place worldwide with a score of 242, and Kelli Dean, of Lightning CrossFit, sits in 12th place with a score of 241.

Once again, in the Men’s 55-59 Division, the South East is well represented. Charlie Clendening, of CrossFit Vero Beach, is in sixth place worldwide and Charles Sullivan, also of CrossFit Vero Beach, is in 11th place. In 13th place worldwide is Daniel Sharkey, of CrossFit Port Saint Lucie, with Tony Rogers, of CrossFit Impluse, tied for 14th place.

In the Women’s Division, Gabriele Schlicht, of CrossFit Deerfield, sits in first place worldwide, with Christi Warren in 14th place.

In the Men’s 60+ Division, Jim Lanier, of CrossFit West Jax, is currently tied for 16th place after logging 236 reps, and on the women’s side, Susan Wallis, of CrossFit Duval, sits in ninth place worldwide after scoring 240 reps.


CrossFit RX takes the first-place spot this week, with CrossFit Paragon moving into third place. CFNA Cockdiesel holds onto its spot in fourth place.

Three down and two to go!

With only the top 48 athletes going forward to Regionals this year, those right outside the top 48 will fight hard these next two weeks to earn an invitation to Regionals. It will be exciting to see who will hold their ground and who will climb their way up that Leaderboard.