March 13, 2012
Week Three in Review: North East
By Will Lanier

Workout 12.3 brought about many new experiences for CrossFit athletes throughout the region. We were introduced to the longest time domain so far in the 2012 Open—18 minutes. 
Daniel Tyminski (CrossFit Lindy) led the pack with over 13 rounds of Workout 12.3 completed—a total of 483 reps. Tyminski has taken home the gold at four competitions over the past year, including Beast of the East, Hoboken Winter Challenge, Texas Godai Elements and PA’s Fittest. 
Making a nice trek up the Leaderboard is Daniel Agostino (CrossFit Somers X). Starting at 63rd in Workout 12.1, Agostino is sitting pretty at 24th overall, taking the 2nd place slot in 12.3 with 459 reps. Mike McKenna (CrossFit 914) rounds out the top three with 457 reps—almost 13 rounds. 
McKenna, owner of his affiliate CrossFit 914, is doing well for himself in the overall competition with 2nd place after Workout 12.3, right behind Matt Simonton who seems to have a firm grip on 1st place for two weeks running. Moving down one spot to 3rd overall is Paul Smith (CrossFit OWS).
Top favorites from Reebok CrossFit ONE, Spencer Hendel and Austin Malleolo performed well enough to keep their posts at 11th and 12th.  2011 Reebok CrossFit Games athlete, Rob Orlando (CrossFit Conan) completed 379 reps, moving up to 107th place in the region. 
The Individual Women’s Leaderboard is an exciting place—new names are popping up every week, and the top performers from 2010 and 2011 aren’t letting anyone forget who they are and what kind of ass they can kick. 
Rachel Martinez (O-Side CrossFit) reclaims her title in Workout 12.3 after performing 526 reps—14 rounds, 15 box jumps, and 7 push presses. Martinez is holding tight to 5th in the North East after the 3rd week of competition. 
Behind her at 5’10” and 180 pounds is Ebony Thomas (CrossFit 914), a powerhouse who has moved from 542nd place in Workout 12.1 all the way to 124th after completing 481 reps in Workout 12.3 to secure her 2nd place position. 
The women’s Leaderboard wouldn’t be complete without Kaleena Ladeairous (CrossFit Port Chester), who managed to complete 461 reps, keeping her name in the top three for Workout 12.3 and maintaining 1st place overall. Kelly Steadman (Champlain Valley CrossFit) banged out 416 reps keeping herself in 4th place for 12.3, as well as overall.
Never one to disappoint, Jenny Davis (CrossFit Performance) is maintaining 2nd place in the North East after completing 427 reps in Workout 12.3.
A 2011 top performer, Stacey Kroon (CrossFit Fenway), maintains a good position—13th overall.
Crowd favorite and affiliate owner Jennifer Hunter (CrossFit Garden City) may have missed out on the Games last year by two places, but has her eye on the prize in 2012, currently sitting 9th overall after performing 388 reps in Workout 12.3. Bobsled veteran and CrossFit newbie, Bethany Hart (Charles River CrossFit) is making her name known after getting her 411 reps in 12.3 and climbing the Leaderboard to 19th overall.
Moving from 12th to 8th to 4th overall, CrossFit Southie (CrossFit Southie) finally makes a top three showing. With athletes like Chris Gosler and Haley Byrnes, CrossFit Southie should make a splash at the North East Regional this year.  CFNE Team A (CrossFit New England) takes 2nd this week, keeping a strong hold on 3rd overall. O-Side CrossFit (O-Side CrossFit) returns to the Leaderboard with 3rd place in Workout 12.3.
SCF 1 (Shoreline CrossFit) maintains top honors overall, followed by CrossFit Milford (CrossFit Milford) in 2nd place. Last year’s Regional teams from CrossFit Fenway (CrossFit Fenway) and CrossFit Route 1 A Team (CrossFit Route 1) are still in the top 30, but have failed to take a spot in the top 10 so far. 
This week in the Masters competition, a few new names have surfaced as front-runners. First up in the Men’s 45-49 Division is Eric Verbel (Q CrossFit) who performed 394 reps. Cindy Briggs takes the cake in the Women’s 45-49 Division after performing 367 reps.
Brian Curley (CrossFit New England) and Elaine Polito (CrossFit Bridgewater) take 1st in the Masters 50-54 Division for the second week in a row after plowing through 286 reps and 318 respectively.
Steve Lobotsky (Hudson Valley CrossFit) performed best in the North East in the Men’s 55-59 Division after completing 343 reps. Annie Michel (CrossFit 321) gets her name at the top in the Women’s 55-59 Division with 286 reps.
Finally, in the 60-plus Division, Peter Nathan (GunX CrossFit) leads the men and Meryl Joseph (CrossFit Great Barrington), the women. 
Lisa Mikkelsen (CrossFit New England) is keeping steady at 4th overall. Bubba Hagood (CrossFit New England), a top athlete in the 2011 Open sits at 46th overall, up seven spots from last week.