March 25, 2013
Week Three in Review: Mid Atlantic
By Candice Case

Ben Smith took the top spot for 13.3 in the region and in the world with 329 reps.

Open Workout 13.3 revisited last year’s Open Workout 12.4 — 12-minute AMRAP of 150 wall balls, 90 double-unders and 30 muscle-ups. This year, athletes submitted their score as total reps performed, along with the elapsed time of last fully completed exercise set. This new tiebreaker had competitors gaming their pace, as well as trying to get as many reps as possible. 


In the Men’s division, Games athlete Ben Smith took the top spot for 13.3 in the region and in the world with 329 reps. He advanced to second place overall in the Mid Atlantic. 

CrossFit ACP’s, Chad Michael, placed third in the workout with 291 reps and is in first place overall. Casey Haines, of CrossFit Proven, is in third place in the region, despite ranking 34th in 13.3. Rory Hanlin (Iron Forged CrossFit) continues to hold in the top five and placed fourth in the region this week. Games athlete, Nate Schrader, made another big move up the Leaderboard to eighth place, followed closely by CrossFit Vitality’s, Steve Pinkerton, at ninth. 

Of the top-10 men, five scored 267 reps in 13.3, making the tiebreaker crucial in the rankings.


There was some movement on the Women’s Leaderboard for 13.3. Michelle Crawford (Ballantyne YMCA CrossFit) took the No. 1 position for this week’s workout with 263 reps and moved to second place overall. 

Games competitor, Christy Phillips, was close behind with 259 reps and advanced to first place in the region. Tanya Wagner (2009 CrossFit Games Champion) remained at No. 3 this week, and Adrienne Briggs of CrossFit Reston is in fourth place overall.

CrossFit Northlake’s, Amy Bright, worked her way back up in the rankings to tie for fifth place with Ashleigh Woods of CrossFit WV.  Alea Helmick (CrossFit ReVamped) dropped out of the top five for the first time in the Open, and is five points behind Woods at seventh place.


Games athlete, Jeff Tincher, moved back in to the No. 1 spot in the region with his 13.3 score of 256 in the Masters Men 40-44 Division. Patrick Stone, of CrossFit WV, climbs the Leaderboard each week and now sits in second place. CrossFit Embark’s, Ben Roberts, is in third place overall, trailing Stone by four points and Tincher by eight points.

In the Masters Women 40-44, CrossFit Wilmington’s, Marcie Wells, continues to dominate the Mid Atlantic. For the third consecutive week, she is No. 1 in the workout and in the region. Wells is currently fifth in the world. Tracy Shuford, of College Hill CrossFit, was one rep behind Wells in 13.3 and holds second place overall.  Shuford represents the Mid Atlantic region well with her 16th place worldwide ranking. Nicky Crais (CrossFit Takeover) rounds out the top three of this division in the Mid Atlantic.


There was not a lot of movement on the Leaderboard in the team competition. CrossFit Reston (1,537) ranked third in 13.3 and is No. 1 in the region with a total of eight points. RAW Training (1,536) is in a very close second place with nine points. CrossFit Explode (1,533) has 11 points to secure its spot at number three. 

There are two more workouts remaining in the Open. Workout 13.4 will be announced live on March 27 at CrossFit TNT in St. Charles, Mo. It will feature 2010 Games champion, Graham Holmberg, and six-time Games competitor, Chris Spealler.