March 25, 2013
Week Three in Review: Latin America
By Thomas Patton

Muscle-ups are still a weakness for the women in the region — or at least muscle-ups after 150 wall balls and 90 double-unders.

In Latin America, scores for 13.3 came in slower than previous weeks. Perhaps it was the strategy of the week, or perhaps a certain respect for wall balls — 150 of them to be exact. Any CrossFitter knows this workout is very painful to do twice, so many waited until Saturday to go at it only once, and others waited until Sunday to submit.

No significant trends or major shifts occurred on the Leaderboard for the Men. Orlando Trejo submitted a hard-to-beat 295, a 25-rep improvement from last year. CrossFit Peru´s Trejo has finished first in Latin America on all of the Open workouts thus far.

Second for the Men on this workout was Costa Rican bodybuilder Evaristo Cortes with 269 reps. Following Cortes, Tomas Calvo scored 266. Kevin Vega, a darkhorse from CrossFit Santa Marta in Colombia, finished fourth with 263 reps and is second place in the region after three weeks.

Among the most impressive facts we can take away from 13.3 is that last year, a score of 241 would have put you in 99th place. This year, 241 reps was only enough for 284th through 325th place, depending on the tiebreaker. This figure is consistent with the three fold we saw in participation in the Open this year.

Some of the other consistent males who have practically solidified their names in the top 15 are, Rodrigo Valenzuela, Conor Murphy, Batuque Iribarren, Sebastian Stange, Mathew Barnett, Jose Over, Luis Perez, Diego Manco, Augusto Castro, Francisco Javier, Keith Kandetzke, Luis Giraldo and Giancarlo Vera Ochoa.

Among the women, Courtney Modecki won the workout with a score of 259, an 11-point improvement over Tarasa Barnett’s top score last year. Modecki, from CrossFit Medellin in Colombia, sits in fourth place overall, and she is trailed by Marylin Rojas, who scored 252, and Wanda Brenton and Jennifer Chailler, who both scored 250.

Barnett improved one rep from last year, scoring 249, enough to place her second overall.

After 13.3, a few other women we will continue to see in the top 10 are, Solange Jean-Francois Mon, Itzel Cadena, Marion Ingrassia, Dominique Jocelyn and Schmarrah McCarthy.

Muscle-ups are still a weakness for the women in the region — or at least muscle-ups after 150 wall balls and 90 double-unders. Still, last year, only six women scored one muscle-up or more in this workout. This year, that number grew to 23 women who completed at least one muscle-up.