March 12, 2012
Week Three in Review: Canada West
By Vera Ilnyckyj

New competitors Jolaine Bloom and Ty Prosofsky sealed 1st on Workout 12.3 with roughly 14 round performances.

The Canada West leaders are staying strong after the third week of the Open. Here are the updates after 12.3.


36-year-old competitor Ty Prosofsky of CrossFit Reebok 306 turned out the top performance on 12.3 in Canada West with 13 rounds, 15 box jumps, 12 push press, and 4 toes-to-bar (499 reps). That's more than a round--46 reps--ahead of Canada West's second place finisher Steven Bergeron (443 reps)!  Robert Perovich came in third on 12.3 with a 428 rep performance. 

Tyson Takasaki moved to 1st place overall after 415 total reps in 12.3, trading his 2nd place spot with Ray Krumme (382 reps), who was in first after 12.2. Robert Perovich (428 reps) is now in third, tied with Jason Cain (403 reps), who’s maintaining his position from the week prior.

Lucas Parker, last year’s top Canada West Open finisher, dropped from 5th to 6th with 368 reps this week, but is definitely still an athlete to watch during the final two workouts. Taking 5th after 12.3 with 382 reps is Mike Eberts, a 34-year-old athlete from CrossFit Vernon.

Several athletes are hot on the heels of the top five, including Steve Howell, Iain Maclean, Drew Armstrong, Jeremy Meredith, Dan Rogers and Brett Marshall.


Four of the five top individual women after 12.2 remain in the top five after 12.3.

Angie Pye retained her 1st place spot with 493 reps in 12.3. Her friend and fellow athlete Alicia Connors moved up to 2nd place with 498 total reps. These two women from CrossFit Taranis are looking hot in the overall worldwide standings as well, with Pye in 24th and Connors in 45th. What’s really exciting is Pye ranked 9th in the world and Connors 8th for Open Workout 12.3.

Chelsea Miller of CrossFit Calgary dropped from 2nd to 3rd overall in the region, and Jocelyn Rylee of CrossFit Brio maintained her 5th place position.

New to the Leaderboard this week is Jolaine Bloom, currently sitting in 4th. This 40-year-old athlete who trains with Endeavor Fitness of CrossFit Invermere completed an outstanding 509 reps in 12.3.

In 6th place is 29-year-old Janine Walinski from Grand Prairie’s CrossFit VO2 Max. Finishing 15th in last year’s Open, she might be someone to watch for the next two Open workouts.

Other athletes to watch are those currently standing in 7th to 10th: Rachel Siemens (part of 2011 CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup team Team Taranis), Nancy McKeage, Courtney Bowman and Laura Wehrkamp. Emily Beers, who climbed from 64th to 15th place after Week 2, now sits in 12th place.


As with the women, four of the five teams from last week’s top five maintained their top-five status overall. Team Synergy Strength of CrossFit Saskatoon swapped 1st with CrossFit Taranis, dropping to 2nd. CrossFit 306 has maintained 3rd, while CrossFit BRIO continues to sit in 4th. Last week’s 5th place team, OPT Calgary, dropped to 7th. Taking 5th is CrossFit Vernon.

Although Canada West’s Leaderboard didn’t shift dramatically after Open Workout 12.3, things are starting to get really interesting as three workouts have been completed and two workouts remain It’s a tight competition all around.