March 12, 2012
Week Three in Review: Asia
By John Frankl

Singapore's Feng Yi Chew achieved another 1st place finish in Asia, keeping a hold of her overall No. 1 position. 

After the single modalities of the first two weeks, many familiar with CrossFit programming were predicting a shift toward a couplet or triplet. They were also discussing something shorter and heavier. Well, they got their triplet, but it was a grueling 18 minutes—anything but short.

Asia saw overall numbers drop just a bit. Thirty-two male athletes seemed to have bowed out, bringing the official number to 301. For the female athletes we saw a proportionately larger drop of 14 to 114.

The attrition is likely attributable to the rather high “buy in” for Week 3. The triplet was quite a bit more demanding than either burpees or snatches that began on the light side. Both the time—nearly double last week’s—and the push Presses and toes-to-bar may have led to the drop.

Yet another 1st place finish of 392 allowed Feng Yi Chew of Singapore to hold on to her overall No. 1 position for the third week straight. Somewhat mirroring this, Okinawa’s Christen Wagner placed 2nd for the week with 372 to maintain her 2nd place position from last week.

Last year’s champion Candice Howe’s 4th place finish was enough to cement 3rd place standing overall and alone—last week she had to share it with Keiko Cross. Fourth place this week went to CrossFit 671’s Nicole Tainatongo, who climbed up the ladder by tying Christen Wagner for 1st place last week. Cross remains squarely in the running, only having dropped to 5th place for Week 3.

Brice Collier held on to his No. 1 position with an 8th place finish of 366. Collier’s two-week lead is once again instructive; his finishes of 19th, 6th, and 8th, respectively, demonstrate the need for balance across a variety of time and modal domains.

A 1st place finish of 407 propelled Joseph “T-Rank” Rank into 2nd place overall. Greg Harris fell to 3rd following a 12th place finish. He shares 3rd with Michael Mogard of GETFIT CrossFit.

Fifth place is held by KH Lee, Korea’s first and only Level 2 holder and head coach at the first Reebok CrossFit affiliate in Seoul. Seong Hyeon Go drops to 6th place from his 2nd place position last week.

We still have a tremendously good and even distribution across the different countries and nationalities in Asia. Although still a bit week for female competitors, Korea continues to push the pace for overall male athletes. Last week, four of the top 10 male athletes in Asia were CrossFitting in Korea. This week that number remains the same, but the places have risen to 2nd, 5th, 6th and 7th.

We would again like to ask all athletes to give as much detail in their profiles as possible. Asia is a very big place, and we’d like to be able to credit your individual gyms and regions.

Gyms that are hosting Open workouts or other community events directly related to the Open or Regionals please let us know and provide photos and videos. We’d like to provide thorough and balanced coverage for the entire region.

Last week we predicted “a brief, but brutal couplet or triplet.” We were right about the brutal part. Perhaps a shorter, but heavier couplet for week four?

*The scores and rankings are unofficial until Tuesdays at 5 p.m., PT.