March 12, 2013
Week One in Review: North East
By Keka Schermerhorn

Christopher Wyant tops the Leaderboard in the North East for the men, while Kaleena Ladeairous leads the women at the close of 13.1.

The first week of the 2013 Open came to a close with nearly 138,000 athletes registered to compete.

As many dreaded, the seven minutes of burpees were back, but this time coupled with 10 minutes of snatches, for a 17-minute AMRAP.


The special tiebreak method was put to good use in the North East, with the top six men in the region all scoring 190 reps. Christopher Wyant (Kong CrossFit-Norwalk) holds the No. 1 spot, but his difficulty with muscle-ups may make it tough for him to hold on in the weeks to come.

Craig Kenney (Branford CrossFit), Ryan Kononchik (CrossFit Milford), Matt Simonton and Games veterans, Daniel Tyminski (CrossFit Lindy) and James Hobart (CFNE Team A) round off the top six.

Making it to the top 20 on the Leaderboard are David Callahan (Shoreline CrossFit), Scott Paltos (Pump CrossFit), Spencer Hendel (CrossFit Medfield), Mike McKenna (CrossFit 914) and Jason Leydon (CrossFit Milford).


Kaleena Ladeairous’ (CrossFit Port Chester) 204 reps earned her the top spot on the North East Leaderboard and sixth worldwide. Ladeairous, whose personal best on the snatch is 150 lb., kept a steady pace for the burpees, and broke the snatches up into smaller sets to avoid burning out.

“I love long workouts with high volume, so I felt really good going into this (workout),” she says.

Stacey Kroon (Operation Lando) and Jessa Lemoine (CrossFit Back Bay) rounded off the top three, with Games veterans, Heather Bergeron (CrossFit New England), Danielle Horan (Champlain Valley CrossFit) and Jenny Davis (Stone Coast CrossFit) making it into the top 10.

Mel Ockerby scored 190 and Rachel Martinez scored 191, with Martinez going team and Ockerby competing as an individual. 


CrossFit Milford takes the top spot after 13.1, both in the North East and worldwide. Shoreline CrossFit and CFNE Team A (CrossFit New England) are the number two and three teams in the North East.


In the new Masters Women 40-44 Division, Stephanie McGuirk (CrossFit EXP) scored 190, earning her the top score in her category.

Masters champion, Lisa Mikkelsen, scored 188, earning the top score in the Masters Women 45-49 category.

Games veteran and crowd favorite, Jacinto Bonilla, scored 152, securing him a top-10 spot in the Masters Men 60+ category.

On Wednesday, March 13, Open Workout 13.2 will be announced live at CrossFit South Brooklyn in New York.