February 28, 2012
Week One in Review: North Central
By Alex Tubbs

What could be worse than seven minutes of burpees? (Hell or Workout 12.2, perhaps.)

One week down. In this report, you’ll be introduced to some new faces, learn about top performances, and catch up with North Central’s veteran competitors.

Athletes will have to work hard to be successful in the North Central Region. To be in the top 60 for 12.1, you would need a score of at least 126 reps for men, 112 reps for women, and 674 reps for a team.


With two scores in the top 30 in the world, these three new faces in the men’s competition are making their mark. Tim Blackstone (CrossFit Minnesota) is 1st in the region and 5th in the world with a score of 148 reps, followed by Jacob Madigan (CrossFit Farmland) with 143 reps, and Brandon Bocianski (CrossFit Gravity) with 141 reps.

The top three finishers in last year’s North Central Regional have done their part to stay in the competition. Phillip Kniep (CrossFit Lincoln) scored 126 reps, and Armand McCormick (CrossFit Kilo) earned 116 reps. Three-year Games veteran Brandon Pastorek (CrossFit VisOne) is sitting well with 132 reps. “The strategy I used was go fast and hard in the beginning, then deal with the suck rest of the way,” Pastorek says. 


Workout 12.1 turned out to be a great workout for veteran competitor Megan John (CrossFit Manhattan Kansas), as she ended up with 135 reps, giving her 1st place in the region and tied for 8th in the world. Kelley Jackson (CrossFit Gambit) came in close behind with 129 reps and Kristin King (CrossFit So ILL) is in 3rd place with 127 reps.

Much like Kniep, Pastorek, and McCormick, the top women from last year’s Regionals are still in the thick of the competition. Stacie Tovar (CrossFit Omaha) scored 113 reps, Elisabeth Akinwale (CrossFit Construct) got 112 reps, and Deborah Cordner Carson got 119 reps.


Coming in 1st in the North Central region and 37th in the world is Quad City CrossFit (QCCF Awesome) with 729 reps. Following close behind is CrossFit OKC at 726 reps, and CrossFit Jenks at 725 reps. The teams that proved themselves last year at the Games are making things interesting. CrossFit Valley Park scored 673 reps and CrossFit Omaha is close to breaking into the top three with 722. Ten reps back is CrossFit Springfield with 712 reps.


Last years Master’s Women 55-59 champion Shelley Noyce (CrossFit 515) is tied for 3rd place worldwide with 102 reps. Diana Davidson (CrossFit St. Louis), also competing in the Master’s Women 55-59 category completed 101 reps and is following close behind Noyce at 5th place in the world.
If Week 1 is any indication, both new faces and returning veterans are going to make for a very competitive season.