March 12, 2013
Week One in Review: NorCal
By Kevin Daigle

Neal Maddox and Brandy Richardson topped the Northern California Leaderboard on 13.1.

Open Workout 13.1 is history. NorCal athletes took their best shots at a workout that was a combination of something no one wanted (burpees) and something some people were OK with (snatches). 

Despite nearly doubling the number of athletes from the 2012 Open, there are a lot of familiar names near the top in the competitive NorCal region.
Some usual suspects find themselves atop the Leaderboard after the first Open Workout of the 2013 season. 
Neal Maddox and Jason Khalipa went first and second, just as they did with the snatches of 12.2 last year. Maddox, a perennial Games competitor took the men’s top spot worldwide with an impressive 199 reps completed — besting Games champ Rich Froning by two reps.
Notable NorCal men who are already inside the top 20 include CrossFit veterans Zack Height (12th), Pat Barber (18th), and Gabe Subry (20th). With only 13 points separating first from 20th, it’s still anyone’s game.
Things are a little different on the women’s side with a relative unknown, Brandy Richardson of CrossFit 808, just edging out Sarah Hopping (second) by eight seconds on the tiebreaker to claim No. 1. Both athletes competed 201 reps, locking horns over the top spot for the second time, as they did on 12.2 when they tied for first with 105 reps each.
The women’s top 20 in NorCal is just as familiar as the men’s. Notables include Whitney Heuser (seventh), Elyse Umeda (11th), CrossFit legend Annie Sakamoto (13th) and fan favorite Miranda Oldroyd (19th).
Two-time Games competitor Jenny LaBaw is down, but not out … yet. Last Tuesday, she suffered an unfortunate bicycle accident leaving her with a broken foot. With just one leg and a walking boot, she managed to finish 150 reps in 13.1.
“My plan is to continue with the Open as long as I can do the workouts without causing more damage to my foot,” LaBaw said on Monday morning.
Diablo CrossFit Anejo is in first place after Week 1, with a slim three-point margin over Rocklin CrossFit. NorCal CrossFit is just a few reps back in third. Diablo is no doubt anxious to improve on their second-place finish in the 2012 Open, and their third place finish at the 2012 Games. Especially after being taunted by the 2012 Team champs, Hack’s Pack Ute.  
Tune in to the CrossFit Games site this Wednesday, March 13 at 5 p.m. PT for the live announcement of Workout 13.2.