March 11, 2013
Week One in Review: Latin America
By Thomas Patton

Latin Americans all over the region are "Leaderboarding" after Workout 13.1.

It has been reported in Latin America that in every single city, town and country, athletes and fans alike were “Leaderboarding,” even days before Open Workout 13.1 was announced.

By Thursday morning, the Leaderboard for Latin men had only two names and a 150-reps score from Oyden Ortega from Panama, also a 40-45 Masters athlete. The female list was still empty.

Slowly, names started appearing. Luiz Renato Oliveira reported 156 reps, Hiram Cerezo and David Henao completed 154 and Alvaro Lopez, 157. Alejandro Parga, from Colombia, set a tough number to beat with 159.

Thursday remained slow for female scoring, but Friday’s sunrise brought attention to CrossFit TTC from Panama when the top five spots in the Leaderboard belonged to their women. Eliana Jimenez, Anna Caponi, Anna Bruno, Pochy Valdes and Diana Chacon led until that afternoon with 163, 154, and 150 reps, respectively.

Saturday saw some new, although short-lived, first places for the men such as Luis Vildosola, Andres Danelutto and Cristopher Castro, all with 160 reps. A few hours later, Diego Manco from Peru reported a 167.

The females from CrossFit TTC in Panama took a bit of the spotlight as Solange Jean-Francois Mon reported a 173, 10 reps more what her boxmates had declared the day before. The top-25 women began getting names from different countries Saturday afternoon, which by then all had scores at or above 150.

The top 43 men also had scores at 150 reps or above.

As expected, the Leaderboard started shifting quite a bit by Saturday night. Giancarlo Vera, second place at Regionals last year, submitted a 165 for seventh place. Batuque Iribarren, a competitor since 2011 completed 164 reps.

The eagerly awaited Orlando Trejo scored in at 191.

Chilean darkhorse, Rodrigo Valenzuela, and Keith Kandetzke from Puerto Rico claimed second and third, respectively with 169 reps on the Leaderboard. A few new names such as Joel Bran, Kevin Vega and Diego Manco held fourth, fifth and sixth place.

Matthew Barnett, 2011 Regional winner, reported a 164 on Sunday for an 11th place. Trejo remained first place, 22 points ahead of the pack with a 191, and a 13th place on the worldwide Leaderboard.

As we had expected, five women from the Cayman Islands disrupted the top 20 in the Leaderboard. Among them was Schmarrah MacCarthy from CrossFit 7 Mile, who displaced every other athlete on the Snatch Ladder Event last year at Regionals, reported a 175 for third place.

And Tarasa Barnett, Latin America’s two-time CrossFit Games athlete, submitted 177 reps to place her in second place. Ana Caldas from CrossFit SP in Brazil reported 12 reps ahead of Barnett for first place in the region.

For Latin America, this 2013 season is nothing short of an eagerly awaited spectacle. Last year, 661 men and 214 women submitted a score for Workout 12.1. This year, both numbers have tripled and it has not gone unnoticed that 753 women and 1,948 men have submitted for 13.1.