These past few days during Workout 12.1 of the Open, the Latin America CrossFit community has been celebrating success.This 2012 CrossFit Games Open...


These past few days during Workout 12.1 of the Open, the Latin America CrossFit community has been celebrating success.

This 2012 CrossFit Games Open is particularly special and a complete success for Latin America because the number of competitors has grown six fold compared to 2011. We have grown in one year from around 130 men and very few women, to 661 men and 214 women posting for Workout 12.1. That makes for many burpees from the south of the Texas border to the tip of Argentina and Chile.

Thursday started off in a shy manner. Because of the time difference, not many in our Region did the workout Wednesday evening. The affiliate rosters at boxes slowly started to post on Thursday, impressive but still somewhat conservative numbers in the 120s for men and 90s for women. By late Thursday night, however, Jenn Chailler from CrossFit 7 Mile in the Cayman Islands posted an impressive 120 that shook and redefined the expectations in the almost 50 affiliates of our region. David Andrade from CrossFit Quito also closed for the men Thursday evening with a score of 127.

The new postings filled the body of the Leaderboard for the following two days until Noe Orlando Trejo, not surprisingly, posted a 139 and shattered the hopes of most other Latin American men who had hoped of being in 1st place. Chailler re-did the workout Sunday afternoon and got 140 reps the second time around.

To help celebrate our Latin pride and success of the growth of CrossFit in our region, Jenn Chailler finished Workout 12.1 in 3rd place worldwide, while Trejo is sitting in 57th place.

Standings after WOD 12.1


Noe Orlando Trejo            139         CrossFit Reebok Peru (Peru)                          23 years old

Carlos Rodriguez               126         Horda CrossFit (Ecuador)                                 26 years old

Nicolas Viteri                       129         Maori CrossFit (Ecuador)                                 25 years old

Nelson Barriga                    128         Maori CrossFit (Ecuador)                                 25 years old

David Andrade                    127         CrossFit Quito (Ecuador)                                  30 years old


Jenn Chailler                        140         CrossFit 7 Mile (Cayman Islands)               36 years old

Marion Ingrassia                  114         CrossFit Guayaquil (Ecuador)                       32 years old

Anitta Pravatti                     114         CrossFit Jiundiaí (Brasil)                               25 years old

Cristina Mata                        112         CrossFit Reebok PTY (Panama)                    26 years old

Krista Pell                            111         CrossFit Cayman (Cayman Islands)          39 years old

Selene Saldivar                      111         CrossFit Sion (Mexico)                           29 years old


*The scores and rankings are unofficial until Tuesdays at 5 p.m., PT.