April 1, 2013
Week Four in Review: South East
By Dawn South

"It is super impressive to see some of the numbers being posted this year because everyone is getting better and better every year, and I can only imagine where the sport is heading."

When asked about this week’s Open Workout 13.4, a seven-minute ladder of clean and jerks and toes-to-bars, Elijah Muhammad of CrossFit Shoals responded, “This last workout, 13.4, has made the books of workout history for me as a coach. CrossFit is amazing!

“One of my athletes could not clean and jerk 135 lb. leading up to Friday when we hosted the workout. He backed out Friday because of that but then (decided to do it) on Saturday. He got through the threes and one clean and jerk on the sixes. It was great to watch and to be a part of that (moment) as his coach. I love the Open for what it does for us as athletes and coaches,” Muhammad says, who currently sits in seventh place in the South East.

Fifth in the South East and 44th worldwide, Emily Friedman of CrossFit RX says she has really enjoyed the Open this year.

“So far, I've really liked the workouts in this year's Open,” she says. “It is super impressive to see some of the numbers being posted this year because everyone is getting better and better every year, and I can only imagine where the sport is heading.”


This week, the names we have to come to expect still hold the top three spots with Dominick Maurici of Caution CrossFit moving into first place overall after posting a score of 119 reps.

“On 13.4, I did it the same as every other (workout) — one and done,” Maurici says. “I also do it on Wednesday night at soon as it comes out. I saw the (workout) and liked it. I know I paced myself too much, but I'm good where I am. I want to save myself for Regionals.”

Matt Baird of CrossFit North Atlanta stays strong in second place with 116 reps, and Zachary Anderson of CrossFit Paragon moved into third place with a score of 115 reps.

Also moving up the Leaderboard are Landon Brazell of CrossFit Embrace in ninth place, Travis Mayer of CrossFit Silos in 12th, Brandon Phillips in 13th and Guido Trinidad of Peak 360 CrossFit in 25th place.


As with the men, the top three women hold their spots with Lindsay Bourdon, of CrossFit Adrenaline, in first place overall after a score of 114 reps. Bourdon is also third worldwide. Emily Bridgers of CrossFit RX stays in second place after scoring 114 reps, which also takes her to fourth place worldwide. Cheryl Nasso, of CrossFit Tuckpoint, is in third place with a score of 107 reps.

Talayna Fortunato of CrossFit Real Fitness had the highest score among the South East’s women on Open Workout 13.4 after a blazing 122 reps, moving her up to seventh place.

Sarabeth Phillips, of CrossFit Tuscaloosa, sits in 16th place, Shana Alverson, of CrossFit East Decatur, is in 35th place and Ami Wight, of CrossFit AOP, is in 37th place.


In the Men’s 40-44 Division, Rob LaBar, of CrossFit Boynton Beach, scored 105 reps, moving him up to ninth place worldwide. Danny Rios of Iron Temple CrossFit moves into 16th place worldwide with a score of 108 reps, and Cory Dague of CrossFit Spike is in 17th place with a score of 105 reps.

In the Women’s 40-44 Division, Fortune Santos, of CrossFit Port Saint Lucie, makes it into the top 20 worldwide after logging 101 reps on 13.4. She is tied for 19th place.

In the Men’s 45-49 Division, Ron Ortiz moves up into sixth place worldwide with a score of 103 reps. Mike Egan, of Harbor City CrossFit, drops to 15th place, and John McLaughlin, of CrossFit BGI-West Palm Beach, moves down to 18th place worldwide.

In the Women’s 45-49 Division, Kerrie Napoli, of CrossFit North Fulton, moves up a notch to 28th place worldwide.

For the Men’s 50-54 Division, Brian “Brig” Edwards holds onto third place worldwide with his score of 100 reps, and Bob LeFavi, of Rincon Athletic CrossFit, moves up to tie in fourth place worldwide.

In the Women’s 50-54 Division, former U.S.A. National Rugby Team player, Colleen Fahey, of CrossFit Black Box, scored 81 reps, putting her in first place worldwide. Kelli Dean, of Lightning CrossFit, moves up into 9th place with a score of 93.

“For the Open, I've really stepped up my training in both quantity and intensity,” Fahey says. “This year, I set my goal to make the top 20 and am delighted to see such great results from all the extra training. Katie Chasey from RXBound writes my programming. It’s been amazing to be part of the Masters group that is taking on the Open.”

For the Men’s 55-59 Division, one-fourth of the men in the top 20 are from the South East. Charlie Clendening, of CrossFit Vero Beach, is in seventh place worldwide with Charles Sullivan, also of CrossFit Vero Beach, in ninth place. In 13th place worldwide once again is Daniel Sharkey of CrossFit Port Saint Lucie. Tony Rogers, of CrossFit Impulse, is in 16th place, and Tom Bourdon, of CrossFit Adrenaline, finds himself in 20th place worldwide.

Gabriele Schlicht, of CrossFit Deerfield Beach, holds onto the top spot worldwide in the Women’s 55-59 Division with an impressive score of 100 reps. Christi Warren moves up into 13th place with her score of 87 reps.

In the Men’s 60+ Division, Jim Lanier, of CrossFit West Jax, is in 15th place, and in the Women’s Division, Susan Wallis, of CrossFit Duval, drops to 12th place worldwide.


CrossFit RX holds onto the first place spot once again this week, followed by CrossFit Paragon in second place. CrossFit Adrenaline moves back into third, while I Am Grove pushes its way up into fourth place.

There's only one workout left to go in the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games Open. The top athletes have their sights set on Regionals while those sitting right outside the top 48 have one more shot to make it. No doubt the South East’s athletes will be giving workout 13.5 everything they’ve got.