March 19, 2012
Week Four in Review: SoCal
By Madeline Mosier

Kristan Clever and Jarett Perelmutter put in top performances on 12.4.

The world was waiting for it. CrossFitters were unsure if or when it would come during this year’s Open, but the elusive and highly technical muscle-up crept it’s way into programming for 12.4. For many, it’s a movement rooted in mystery. Nailing that crucial transition from hanging underneath the rings to the bottom of the dip is so very crucial and if timed just right, the movement is one to behold.

In 12.4, athletes had to first conquer 150 wall balls, otherwise known as the benchmark workout Karen, and then regain leg stability and knock out 90 double-unders before the 30 muscle-ups could even be attempted to complete as many rounds as possible of this triplet, all within 12 minutes. What resulted is a Leaderboard that has separated the field and also a large number of ties between athletes who reached 240 reps, but were unable to perform the coveted muscle-ups.


12.4’s top-four finishing men completed at least one round of the workout and made it into their second round of wall balls. Leading the men for another 1st place finish is Jarett “Ninja” Perelmutter of Brick CrossFit. He finished an extra 27 wall balls into his second round to place him at the top once again. Not only did he finish first in SoCal on this workout, but he also finished with the 3rd highest score in the world. This currently ranks Perelmutter in 2nd place in Southern California and 17th worldwide.

Nathan Doud of Beachside CrossFit fell just 5 wall balls behind Perelmutter to make him the 2nd place finisher on 12.4 in the region and also 7th place finisher in the world. After four weeks of competition, this brings Doud into the top-20 in Southern California.

Connor Martin, the 20 year old from CrossFit Brand X made his first appearance in the top five for the 2012 Open, completing one round and 12 extra wall balls. His stellar performance also made him the 17th place finisher of 12.4 in the world.

Other notable performances come from Taylor Yaffee of CrossFit South County who earned a 4th place finish on 12.4. The 19 year old is currently ranked 14th in the region and is well on his way to achieving his goal of making the top 60 this year and improve upon his 109th place finish in the 2011 Open.

Kenneth Leverich of Orange Coast CrossFit, who is also Southern California’s top ranking man overall, finished the 12-minute AMRAP just one muscle-up shy of completing one round. “I didn’t have a strategy. I figured as long as I could keep moving I’d be fine. My goal was one round and I ended up falling one rep short, but I’m happy,” Leverich says. “I thought that 12.4 was a good accumulation of movements. It was a good mental WOD, only giving you enough time to keep pushing,” he says. After four weeks of competition, Leverich has finished each workout in the top 10 in Southern California. With one week of competition left, he sits among the top three in the world.

1st - Jarett Perelmutter (2nd in SoCal, 17th worldwide)
2nd - Nathan Doud (18th in SoCal, 155th worldwide)
3rd - Connor Martin (141st in SoCal, 1504th worldwide)
4th - Taylor Yaffee (14th in SoCal, 149th worldwide)
5th - Kenneth Leverich (1st in SoCal, 3rd worldwide)

1st - Kenneth Leverich (3rd worldwide)
2nd - Jarett Perelmutter (17th worldwide)
3rd - Jon Pera (12th worldwide)
4th - Bill Grundler (35th worldwide)
5th - Ryan Fischer (48th worldwide)


On the women’s side, familiar names once again reside at the top. The women from Valley CrossFit swept the top three positions on 12.4. Kristan Clever has earned the top ranking spot in not only Southern California but the world, as well, in three of the four workouts of the Open thus far. Clever is also the only woman in the world to finish one full round.

Rebecca Voigt earned a 2ns place finish, just 6 muscle-ups shy of one round. After four weeks of competition this ranks her 3rd in Southern California and 8th worldwide.

Lindsey Valenzuela completed 18 of the muscle-ups to put her as the 3rd place finisher in the region on 12.4. Valenzuela is tied for 28th place in the world with Christy Phillips of CrossFit MPH of the Mid Atlantic Region.

Other top performances by the SoCal women include Andrea Ager, ranked 3rd in the world, who earned a 4th place finish on 12.4 in SoCal just one rep behind Valenzuela. Also, Danielle Hale, of CrossFit by Overload and who is 10th in the region, and Shanon Humphrey of CrossFit Temporary Insanity who is currently 20th in the region, both tied for the 5th place spot on 12.4.

The women of Valley CrossFit and Brick CrossFit find themselves dominating Southern California’s overall top five with one week of competition to go.

1st - Kristan Clever (1st in SoCal, 1st worldwide)
2nd - Rebecca Voigt (3rd in SoCal, 8th worldwide)
3rd - Lindsey Valenzuela (5th in SoCal, 28th worldwide)
4th - Andrea Ager (2nd in SoCal, 3rd worldwide)
5th - Danielle Hale (10th in SoCal, 137th worldwide)
5th - Shanon Humphrey (20th in SoCal, 256th worldwide)

1st - Kristan Clever (1st worldwide)
2nd - Andrea Ager (3rd worldwide)
3rd - Rebecca Voigt (8th worldwide)
4th - Madelyn Curley (13th worldwide)
5th - Lindsey Valenzuela (28th worldwide)


Brick Nation of Brick CrossFit earned the top place for the second week in a row. This is also Brick’s third 1st place finish of the Open. On average, Brick Nation athletes completed 262 reps each. Valley CrossFit earned the 2nd place spot for the second week in a row. This is Valley’s third 2nd place finish, as well. CrossFit Rancho Cucamonga jumped from 5th place after 12.3 and now currently ranked 3rd in the region after their 3rd place finish on 12.4. 

Rounding out the top five overall teams are Orange Coast CrossFit currently in 4th and CrossFit Invictus who moved up two spots from 7th last week.