March 29, 2013
Week Four in Review: North East
By Keka Schermerhorn

With four weeks down and one to go, both Kaleena Ladeairous and Daniel Tyminski have maintained their No. 1 spots overall in the North East Region. Both athletes are also in eighth place overall worldwide.

With the announcement of Open Workout 13.4 came the realization that, while this was not the dreaded repeat of the chest-to-bar Fran ladder, the workout once again consisted of a seven-minute ascending ladder of a weightlifting movement — the clean and jerk — and a gymnastics movement — toes-to-bars.

The ascending ladder presents the challenge of increased volume as fatigue sets in. Most athletes who submitted a score for this workout ended up completing Grace with a side of toes-to-bars.  

With four weeks down and one to go, both Kaleena Ladeairous (CrossFit Port Chester) and Daniel Tyminski (CrossFit Lindy) have maintained their No. 1 spots overall in the North East Region. Both athletes are also in eighth place overall worldwide.


Tyminski’s score of 126 puts him in good company worldwide, with Games champions Rich Froning and Mikko Salo who also finished the round of 18 repetitions at the end of seven minutes.

Veteran Army Ranger and former professional MMA fighter, Eric Magee (CrossFit Hingham), maintained the second place on the Leaderboard. James Hobart (CrossFit New England) moved up to third, with Austin Malleolo (CrossFit 5th Avenue) in fourth. Mike McKenna (CrossFit 914) fell from third to sixth place and Spencer Hendel (CrossFit Medfied) moved up one spot to 10th.


At the end of week four, the top three spots remain unchanged with Ladeairous in first, Jenny Davis (Stone Coast CrossFit) in second and Jessa Lemoine (CrossFit BackBay) in third.

Lemoine is enjoying the experience of competing as part of a team. Her performance in the Open has helped put CrossFit Back Bay in 14th place overall in the North East Region.  

“We haven't been making it a point to do the Open (workouts) together,” Lemoine says. “We each go when we feel our best, but we do make sure to be there and support each other.”


The top three teams in the North East remain the same as last week. The top two teams in the North East area also in the top 10 worldwide with CrossFit Milford in seventh and Shoreline CrossFit in eighth. The third place team in the North East, Team Dynamix, in 22nd worldwide.  

Games Veterans and 2011 Affiliate Cup winners, CrossFit New England Team A, remain in fourth in the North East, with CrossFit Southie moving down one spot to fifth.

Tyminski’s scores helped move CrossFit Lindy up to sixth place in the North East, and 2012 Games veterans, Champlain Valley CrossFit, fell to seventh place.


The North East Masters are making their presence known on the worldwide Leaderboard, with several of them taking top-15 positions in their respective Divisions.

John Lynch (Shoreline CrossFit) is No. 1 in the North East Masters 40-44 Division and third worldwide. The emergency department physician completed an impressive 116 reps on 13.4.

The women in the Masters 45-49 Divisions are putting up some impressive numbers. Lisa Mikkelsen (CrossFit Never Doubt) submitted a score of 95, which allows her to maintain her first-place spot worldwide. Amy Mandelbaum’s (BKAthletics) score of 96 was the best in the North East and second best worldwide, making her second in the region overall and third worldwide. Cindy Briggs (CrossFit Brick Yard) rounds off the North East trifecta with 93 reps, putting her in seventh place worldwide.

The fifth and final Open workout will be announced live at 8 p.m., ET, Wednesday, April 3. Minutes after the workout has been announced, two sets of elite athletes will go head-to-head at the Civic Auditorium in Santa Cruz, Calif. Tune in to to watch Samantha Briggs and Camille Leblanc-Bazinet take on the workout, followed by 2008 champion, Jason Khalipa and two-time Games champion, Rich Froning.