March 19, 2012
Week Four in Review: North East
By Will Lanier

On March 14 Workout 12.4 was announced. The world watched the demo video starring 2010 CrossFit Games champ Graham Holmberg fail to finish a complete round—and the speculations began.

Workout 12.4 exposed weaknesses region-wide, either with a specific movement or with inability to pace properly. The 2012 Open, as mentioned before, is a huge lesson in pacing and 12.4 was no exception. Let’s see how North East athletes fared after Karen and 30 muscle-ups for time—in just 12 minutes (with 90 double-unders thrown in between).


Coming in on top of the Men’s Leaderboard is Mike McKenna (CrossFit 914) with 283 reps total. McKenna also takes the 1st in the overall competition going into the final week of the Open.

Only 3 muscle-ups behind McKenna is Kyle Sikes (CrossFit 207) who completed 280 reps to take his 2nd place spot in 12.4.

Daniel Tyminski (CrossFit Lindy) rounds out our top three this week after completing 272 reps. Tyminski also sits at 3rd overall after Week 4.

David Charbonneau (CrossFit Long Island City) moves on up the North East Region Leaderboard and secures 2nd overall, followed by Ian Berger (O-Side CrossFit) who ties Tyminski for 3rd overall.

A huge upset after last Tuesday’s validation—Matt Simonton, previously 1st overall, landed in 84th after week four. Judges scrutinized the reps in his video upload for Workout 12.3 and took away all of his push press reps, dropping him at first to 95th place. After his 12.4 performance, he is up 11 slots from his lowest of 95th place. Simonton has one final chance to take a place in the top 60. 

2011 Reebok CrossFit Games athletes and Reebok CrossFit ONE coaches Austin Malleolo and Spencer Hendel are still neck and neck in the overall competition taking 9th and 10th places respectively.

Rob Orlando (CrossFit Conan) completed a big 265 reps taking 80th overall. He’s doing well for scores for his team—Hybrid Athletics. They sit at 8th in the region after Week 4.


Over on the Women’s Leaderboard—the ladies are keeping steady. With a strong top five, it will be interesting to see who secures their ticket to the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games.

Kelly Steadman (Champlain Valley CrossFit) got through 20 muscle-ups in the final move of the trifecta and secured the top position for Workout 12.4. Steadman is currently in 4th in the region.

Emily Friedman (CrossFit Dynamix) was on the heels of Steadman with 19 muscle-ups completed in the 12-minute cutoff. Stacey Kroon (CrossFit Fenway), never one to be beat, follows in 3rd with 256 reps.

On the overall Leaderboard following Week 4 scores, Friedman is sandwiched between Kaleena Ladeairous (CrossFit Port Chester) who is and has been keeping the throne warm for the past few weeks atop the Women’s overall competition and Jenny Davis (CrossFit Performance) who slides down to 3rd overall but maintains a legit score.

The Individual Women’s Leaderboard is an exciting place—new names are popping up every week and the top performers from 2010 and 2011 aren’t letting anyone forget who they are and what kind of ass they can kick.


The team competition is heating up with last year’s Affiliate Cup winners, CFNE Team A (CrossFit New England) taking the gold in Week 4. Affiliate owners, Ben and Heather Bergeron, are hoping for a repeat of 2011 and they are well on their way with 2nd overall after Workout 12.4.

Team Dynamix (CrossFit Dynamix)—which includes Emily Friedman—takes the silver. It will be interesting to see if Friedman decides to play for her team or if she competes solo.

Hybrid Athletics (CrossFit Conan) finishes off the pack with bronze. Scores from heavy hitters like Rob Orlando and Shanon Moris keep the team in the top 10 overall—a solid spot after Week 4.

SCF1 (Shoreline CrossFit) is still sitting pretty at the top in the overall competition. Reebok CrossFit ONE takes third overall.

Last year’s regional team from CrossFit Fenway (CrossFit Fenway) makes a showing in 12.4 and moves up to 12th overall. CrossFit Route 1 A Team (CrossFit Route 1) is still in the top 20, but have failed to take a spot in the top 10 so far.


Every week we get a little shake up in the Master’s Competition. If an athlete could get at least one muscle-up, it made all the difference.

This week it starts with Rick Adamucci, who finished 33rd in the 2011 Open competition, but takes top honors in Workout 12.4 in the North East and sits at 28th in the Men’s 45-49 Division overall.

Big name from CrossFit New England, Lisa Mikkelsen, takes the top in the Women’s 45-49 with 252 reps. Mikkelson moves up one slot to 3rd in the world after Week 4 right behind Amy Mandelbaum (CrossFit Performance) at 2nd overall.

A name we are used to seeing in the top, Cindy Briggs, got through the wall balls and double-unders but sits with a good portion of the leaderboard without muscle-ups (240 reps).

Brian Curley (CrossFit New England) and Elaine Polito (CrossFit Bridgewater) take first in the Master’s 50-54 Division for the 3rd week in a row. Polito is 2nd worldwide after 12.4. She’s well on her way to a Games showing.

Steve Lobotsky (Hudson Valley CrossFit) performed best in the North East in the Men’s 55-59 Division. Page Lockhart (CrossFit Bridgewater) makes a showing in the ranks along with Annie Michel (CrossFit 321) with 240 reps each.

Finally, in the 60-plus Division, Peter Nathan (GunX CrossFit) leads the men at 5th worldwide and Marlene Garceau (CrossFit North Haven) and 2nd worldwide.

Bubba Hagood (CrossFit New England), a top athlete in the 2011 Open sits at 35th overall, up 11 spots from last week, and 18 from Week 2.

What’s up next?

Week 4 has passed and there’s only one more workout to decide who goes to Regionals and who keeps training for the 2013 Games. So what do the programmers have for us next? Workout 12.5 will be announced on Wednesday at 8pm EST.