April 1, 2013
Week Four in Review: Mid Atlantic
By Candice Case

Week four of the CrossFit Games Open brought a seven-minute AMRAP of clean and jerks and toes-to-bar.

Week four of the CrossFit Games Open competition brought a seven-minute AMRAP of clean and jerks and toes-to-bars to the athletes. 


Four-time Games athlete Ben Smith is back in first place in the Men’s Division, scoring 114 reps in 13.4.  Chad Michael (CrossFit ACP) dropped to second place after completing 107 reps. Sean Thomson (CrossFit Go Hard) performed 120 reps in 13.4, the second highest in the region, and that score moved him into third place overall.

No other significant changes on the Men’s Leaderboard, except Gary Helmick (CrossFit ReVamped) makes his first top-10 appearance this Open in 10th with 110 reps in 13.4. Vic Zachary was the top scorer in region with 122 reps and he is currently ranked 61st.


Michelle Crawford (Ballantyne YMCA CrossFit) and Tanya Wagner (2009 CrossFit Games Champion) are tied for first place overall. Crawford completed 103 reps, while Wagner performed 104 reps.

Christy Phillips (CrossFit MPH) scored 102 and sits in third place. Amy Bright (CrossFit Northlake) was the top scorer for the Mid Atlantic in the Women’s Division with 109 reps. Her score moved her up to fourth place overall. 

“I was actually pretty excited about this one,” Bright says. “I like moderate weight, combined with gymnastics movements. I was just glad it wasn’t thrusters.” 


There is no Masters Division at Regionals and these athletes must be top 20 in the world to receive an invitation to compete at the Games. Master divisions had the same standard of movements and weights as the rest of the divisions, except the 55-59 and 60+ categories. The weight for 55+ men was 115 and 65 for women.

Games competitor, Jeff Tincher, continues his hold on first place overall in the 40-44 Division with 103 reps in this workout. Tincher is ranked 34th worldwide. Neal Woolard (CrossFit Tier 1) took the board with 112 reps and tied for second place overall with Ben Roberts (CrossFit Embark). 

For the first time this Open, Marcie Wells (CrossFit Wilmington) came in second place in a workout in the 40-44 category. Wells has claimed the No. 1 spot for three weeks and was only one rep behind Michelle Wright (CrossFit Boone). Wright was the top finisher in this workout with 103 reps and is in seventh place overall. Wells remains in first place overall. Tracy Shuford (College Hill CrossFit) maintains second place in the Mid Atlantic and Jayme Bowles (Ultimate CrossFit) is in third place in 13.4 with 99 reps and third place in the region. Wells and Shuford are ranked fifth and 17th respectively the world, while Bowles is tied for 23rd.

There’s a three-way tie in the Men’s 45-49 division. Lee Sanford (CrossFit FF) and Jerry Hill (CrossFit Oldtown) both completed 100 reps, tying them for a second-place finish in 13.4. Victor Hoyos (Trident CrossFit) scored 101 reps, allowing him to take the No. 1 spot for this workout. All three are in first place overall. This division could send some athletes to the Games, as Sanford is ranked 10th in the world, Hill is 13th and Hoyos is 17th.

In Women’s 45-49, Kim Holway (CrossFit Reston) is in first place in the region and in 13.4 with 95 reps. Holway is 13th in the world. Second place in the region is Tammy Neff (CrossFit R.A.W.) and third place is Lori Gallon (CrossFit R.A.W.)

Men’s 50-54 Division has some serious Games contenders, as well. Will Powell (CrossFit Versatile) has been No. 1 in every workout this Open and holds the top spot overall.  He is currently in second place worldwide. Andrew Hendel (CrossFit Charlotte) is in second place in the Mid Atlantic and 12th in the world. Nick Maiorana (CrossFit Harrisburg) is third in region.

Other notables on the Master’s Leaderboard are Rocky Deaver (CrossFit Rowan) of Men’s 55-59 Division who has been first in 13.1, 13.2 and 13.4 and is first place overall. He is currently 27th worldwide.

In the Women’s 55-59 Division, top regional finisher Lidia Beer (CrossFit Wilmington) is third place worldwide. Martha Redinger (CrossFit Charlottesville) scored 97 reps in 13.4 and is in second place for 55-59. Redinger is 18th worldwide.

In the Men’s 60+ Division, Bruce Sutta (CrossFit MNC) has maintained first place in the workouts and in the rankings throughout the Open. He is ninth in the world. 

First-place finisher in Women’s 60+ is Sharon Lapkoff (CrossFit Frederick) and she is fifth in the world. Robin Kline (Crofton CrossFit) is second in the region and tied for sixth worldwide.


CrossFit Reston (608) remains in first place overall, despite a second-place finish on 13.4. CrossFit Explode (619) and RAW Training (594) are tied for second place in the region. 

Only the top 48 individuals and the top 30 teams will receive an invitation to compete at Regionals. With only one week remaining in the Open, those athletes and teams on the borderline will be putting forth their best effort in 13.5 to move on in the competition.