April 1, 2013
Week Four in Review: Latin America
By Thomas Patton

Easter weekend is one of the most important traditions among those in Latin America. To the CrossFitters in Latin America, though, Easter brought clean and jerks and toes-to-bar.

Easter weekend is one of the most important traditions among those in Latin America. It includes several days of which some days are festive, some are reserved for reflection, and in some cultures some of these days even include a little bit of superstition.

Regardless of the type or focus of the celebration, the fact is that many of the countries of our region pause most economic activities and concentrate on family gatherings and spiritual or traditional affairs.

To the CrossFitters in Latin America, though, Easter weekend also brought clean and jerks and toes-to-bars. And due to the interruption of normal business, school and box hours, performing 13.4 became a challenge for many of the athletes and box owners.

Games competitor, Orlando Trejo, from CrossFit Peru, once again scores the highest for the men in the Region with 111 reps, followed by Chris Irwin from CrossFit St. Thomas with 106, and Christian Gligo from Strong Pack CrossFit in Panama with 104. Irwin was third place last year at Regionals whereas Gligo is somewhat unknown. He qualified for Regionals last year, but could not attend. Andres Danelutto and Rodrigo Valenzuela round up the top five this week.

Trejo continues to lead the Region with just four total points after winning all Open workouts so far. Rodrigo Valenzuela took second place from Kevin Vega who now sits at third. Mathew Barnett used his sixth-place finish in 13.4 to climb up the Leaderboard from seventh to fourth. Sebastian Stange moved up a spot from sixth to fifth place.

The top nine men remain the same between 13.3 and 13.4 despite a few shifts. The fittest males in Latin America already start to leave no doubt why they are at the top week after week.

The top five female names from 13.4 are also names we’ve seen at the top of the Leaderboard over the last four weeks. Ana C. Caldas from CrossFit SP led 13.4 with 102 reps, followed by Wanda Brenton from CrossFit 7 Mile with 100 reps, and Tarasa Barnett from CrossFit Cayman with 96. Solange Jean-Francois Mon and Courtney Modecki round out the top five for Open workout 13.4.

The top females have also begun to confirm why they are the fittest in our region. Brenton remains in first place with all top-five finishes up until 13.4, followed by Caldas who passed Barnett for second place. Mon tied Modecki for fourth place and Itzel Cadena remains sixth.

Other known names such as Marion Ingrassia and Schmarrah MaCarthy follow Cadena, right before Jenn Chailler and Marylin Rojas who close the top 10.

The team trends are also consistent as CrossFit 7 Mile shows why they went to the CrossFit Games last year, followed by CrossFit Cayman and CrossFit Guayaquil. CrossFit Cayman has also been to the Games in 2010 and 2011 and the team is eager to regain their top spot. CrossFit Guayaquil wants nothing more than to win at Regionals on their home turf, as the first and largest affiliate in Ecuador, as well as one of the oldest and most traditional in the region. CrossFit TTC from Panama sits in fourth place after their noticeably good start on 13.1, and Team Wodbox from Mexico closes the top five.

Unfortunately, be it due to complications with scheduling during Lent, or perhaps because of the prescribed weight, 126 females who were still valid participants in the Open did not submit a score for 13.4, as well as 199 men.

Regardless, the energy in the Latin America remains high. Those with a chance to qualify as individuals are even more focused on Workout 13.5, while those going team prepare for a very fun experience, and the newcomers to our sport get even more inspired after all they have accomplished in these four intense weeks, and what they wish to accomplish in the year to come.