March 29, 2013
Week Four in Review: Europe
By Jane Holgate

It has been a week of mixed emotions for the top female competitors in Europe ...

There had been much speculation of what 13.4 would have in store — maybe the infamous Fran ladder would show it’s face again, or perhaps a workout with a high strength focus. In the end, fans of Grace were not disappointed at the announcement of the clean and jerk and toe-to-bars ladder.


It has been a week of mixed emotions for the top female competitors in Europe, whilst Samantha Briggs continued to display her intent to crush the Open workouts by posting a score of 126 for 13.4, her long time sparring partner and two-time Games champion, Annie Thorisdottir, bowed out of the Open with a recurring back injury.

The news of Thorisdottir’s withdrawal was met with sadness by European CrossFitters who, as well as being upset for the champion that she had to pull out, were also disappointed that the prospect of seeing Briggs and Thorisdottir go head-to-head at Regionals was now unlikely.

With Thorisdottir out, Italy’s Martina Barbaro was able to cement her position as second in Europe with 110 reps for 13.4, whilst 41-year-old Swede, Anne Waage, claimed fourth place for 13.4 with 105 reps, placing her 19th in Europe. Waage is putting herself in the enviable position of being able to choose whether to go straight to Carson, Calif., with a Masters spot or battle it out at the Regional.


The future is looking rosier for another past champ, as Mikko Salo underlined his top position in Europe and second in the world with an impressive 126 reps for 13.4.

The battle for second and third slots continues with Swedes, Lukas Högberg (CrossFit Solid) and Philip Bengtsson (CrossFit Malmo), scoring 116 and 119, respectively. Hungary’s, Lacee Kovaks, took first spot for 13.4 (127), good enough for second in the world and placing him fourth overall in Europe.

After losing some of his earlier headway in 13.2 and 13.3 Finland’s “other Mikko” Aranpaa took third place for 13.4 (123) and has moved back up the order to 11th overall.

Frederik Aegidius shared fifth place with Högbert with 116 reps.


CrossFit Reykjavik took the honors in the team competition with 611 points, whilst Denmark’s Team Butcher’s Garage came second with 600 points, which helped to move them up the Leaderboard to seventh overall.

Team CrossFit Nordic and Team Thor tied in third with 599 reps leaving them in second and third spots.

With only 30 team places available at Regionals, there is still everything to play for and a lot rests on the results for 13.5.


Only two points separate the top three men in the 40-44 Division with Evert Viglundsson, of CrossFit Reykjavik, Erwin Van Beek, from CrossFit 020, and Ulrik Helms of F4L CrossFit continuing to dominate that group. This week, Van Beek took the top spot for 13.4 with 105 reps. Van Beek and Viglundsson are both in the world’s top 20 and need to keep up the momentum to claim spots to the Games. CrossFit Reading’s Gareth Doody tied Viglundsson for second spot in 13.4 with 99 reps. In the women’s group, behind Anne Waage, the battle for second and third places continues with Kim Klussman, of CrossFit Central London, and Nina Budgen, of CrossFit Devils Path, holding second and third spots overall. Tordis Ingvadottir, of Team Hamar, came second for 13.4 with 85 reps and moves herself up from 21st to 12th spot.

The top three spots in the Men’s and Women’s Masters 50-54 Division remain unaltered after 13.4 with Marat Sachabutdinov topping the men’s group with 97 reps, and Sharron Lowe of CrossFit 3D consolidating her lead with 59 reps.

In the 55-59 Division, CrossFit Sport’s, Hilmar Hardarson, has been consistent throughout and is looking good for another spot at the Games in July – Hardarson claimed 86 reps for 13.4 with CrossFit Officine’s, Peter de Sury, second with 71 reps.

In the 60+ Division, the top male athlete from Europe was Bert Wijker, of CrossFit AKA, with a score of 45. CrossFit Culemborg’s, Maria Berendsen, tied for first place in 13.4 with Joke Dikhoff with 39 reps, leaving Berendsen in the top spot and Dikhoff behind CrossFit Clitheroe’s, Anne Brannigan, in third for 13.4.