March 19, 2012
Week Four in Review: Canada West
By Vera Ilnyckyj

Angie Pye and Jason Cain turned in the top performances in Canada West on 12.4.

 Over the last few days, competitors from across Canada West tried to make their way through Karen (150 wall ball shots), 90 double-unders and 30 muscle-ups for time in just 12 minutes.

The top performances on this workout went to a couple 2011 CrossFit Games competitors. Jason Cain came within 2 muscle-ups of finishing a full round (268 reps – 150 wall balls, 90 double unders, and 28 muscle-ups). Angie Pye got through her 19th muscle-up as the clock hit 12 minutes. 

Angie Pye and Alicia Connors now sit in the Top 50 in the overall worldwide standings. Pye holds 15th in the world while her training partner, Connors, holds tight to 37th place.

Where does everyone else stand after 12.4? Let’s look.


Tyson Takasaki holds onto 1st place with 267 reps in 12.4 worldwide, this puts Takasaki at an impressive 51st place. Hot on Takasaki’s heels is Jason Cain of CrossFit 306. Cain’s 268 reps garnered him a 1st place finish in 12.4 and his performance bumps him up to second spot from last week’s 3rd place standing.

Robert Perovich keeps his 3rd place spot while Ray Krumme drops from 2nd to 4th. Lucas Parker, who was the 2011 Canada West Regional winner, moves from 6th place to 5th. Mike Eberts, who was in 5th place last week, drops slightly to 7th.


The top three women in Canada West all maintain their positions. Angie Pye and Alicia Connors sit at 1st and 2nd place, respectively after Week 4 of the Open while Chelsea Miller of CrossFit Calgary holds onto third spot. 

Jocelyn Rylee of CrossFit Brio moves up one notch from 5th to 4th. Rachel Siemens of CrossFit Taranis who was in seventh place last week, jumps to 5th. It’s going to be a tight race for the top 10 as athletes Nancy McKeage, Heather Gillespie, Emily Beers and Jolaine Bloom continue to battle it out.


All top five teams from last week are still in the top five, just in slightly different spots. CrossFit Taranis maintains 1st place, CrossFit 306 moves from 3rd to 2nd and CrossFit Brio moves from 4th to 3rd place. Synergy Strength gives up 2nd place and drops to 4th, while CrossFit Vernon maintains 5th place.

It’s evident that 12.4 proved a difficult workout for the top five teams, with only CrossFit Taranis gaining a high enough score to place first. It’s a testament to how well the top five teams performed in the first three workouts that they’re able to maintain their standings. In 12.4, the top five teams were CrossFit Taranis, CrossFit Fraser Valley, Optimum Performance Training from Calgary, CrossFit Lethbridge and CrossFit Calgary.